Raising Bilingual Kids and their childhood songs

We are not Hispanic, but made teaching our kids Spanish a priority. Being bilingual opens up a part of the world my kids wouldn’t have access to without the second language. They sing songs in Spanish that we used to...


This is a interview of one of my favorite teachers Peruvian students that I met being a T.A for her international class. During this interview I used a translator from one of her other classes.

Graciela: un Hija de un Inmigrante

This is a school project in which my fellow Spanish classmates and I interview Spanish speakers to learn their stories. This is Graciela Haynes and she is the daughter of an immigrant. Here is a part of her story. *The...

Being Bilingual
November 24, 2017 App Interview

I interviewed my father, Alex, about his experience as a child being bilingual. We also discussed the importance of knowing more than one language.