Grandma’s Life and Memories

We talked about her life how she met my grandfather and special moments in her life and dreams for her children and grandchildren

Interviewing My Dad

We talked about John cerda's memories, regrets,and life in the military

My Grandparents

During the interview my grandparents and I talked about their feelings on their relationship and how they felt growing up

Mother and Daughter Love

Me and my mom talked about our memories of happiness, proud memories, and her biggest influences in her life.

Thanksgiving Interview with my Grandma

We talked about her life and how she was growing up and her experiences along the way of where she is today.

Porsche, early years dating, kids
November 24, 2019 App Interview

This is about when mom and dad were dating and after they had us, and a Porsche

The Great Thanksgiving listen

My mother talked about her different life experience and how they shaped her into the person she is today

Sergio’s story

In this interview Sergio Flores speaks about his feelings and journey throughout life.Sergio had to overcome many obstacles in life and he explains how he moved past them.

Interview with Jose Alfaro

We talked about our past and what we're most grateful for and some future advice.

Interviewing Grandma 2
February 4, 2018 App Interview

We talked about her life and about what she did growing up.

Mom and Dad’s Story

Mom and dad’s story about how they got together, their wedding, and their hopes and dreams for Nolan and I

Xochilt C. Ball

We talked about xochilt’s past life. Also her life now.


discussing growing up, struggling through addiction and recovery, the birth of Phil's daughter, and the person he is today.

Cecilia Mould and her mother Nathalie Mould talk about important lessons learned in life.

In this interview, conducted in Sarasota Florida, on November 19, 2017, Cecilia Mould (14) interviews her mother Nathalie Mould (52) about important lessons she has learned in life. Mrs. Mould speaks about her family, and big events in her life.

Steven James Antonellis

Interview with Dad about his childhood, spirituality, love for his family and hopes and dreams

Grandma Joise

This interview was about my Grandma’s life in Holland compared to her life in America as well as her struggles she’s dealt with in her life.

My Lovely Mom

I asked my mom about what her life was like when she was younger. I also asked her about what she loves to do and how she feels about her children.

ashley ruiz interviewing carlos aguilara

carlos aguilara is my father and i thought it would be good to interview him because of his past and the way he changed his ways

History Project

I my grandma talked to me about her life as a child in school and at home. She also explained her experience as a mother and how she enjoyed it.

The Interview

My mom was a good child and the best thing that happened to her was us. (The kids)