The first girl… the first generation

This is a interview speaking on how my mom raised me and carried me throughout life while I was the only girl out of 3 boys.

Mi Abuelita Nacha y su vida

i talked to my grandmother about her life from when she was a child to when she got married and had children and how modern the world is today

It wasn’t always….

We talked about Dan’s upbringing. We discussed our relationship pre-kids, and our lives post kids.


An interview with my father about his life.

Motherhood Interview

This is a short interview with my mother on her experience with raising children and how it changed over the years between having her first child to having her 5th child.

my mom

enjoy a story about the woman who made me, me!

Interview with mom about childhood
November 10, 2020 App Interview

My mom, Debbie, talks about the most difficult parts of my childhood, raising me and my three siblings, and parenting as a whole.

Interview with my Dad part 2

An interview with my dad about his childhood and what he’s learned as a parent and as a person.

Thanksgiving Interview w/ Parent

I asked my mom if she would like to do an interview with me about her as a person and a couple of memories she’s experienced when growing up.

Interview with my mom

This interview was over my mom’s teenage and adult years as well as what she thinks of me.

Nike and Alyson Felix pregnancy contract

Allyson Felix and her pregnancy contract with Nike. Is it fair?

Things about life-Jenny Braddy

My dad and I talked about how his life is. We also talked about who is important to him.

My Grandma’s Life in the Countryside of Vietnam

(In Vietnamese) My Grandmother talks about her childhood life in Long An, Vietnam: her favorite activities as a kid, where her parents were from, life during the war and what it felt like to come to America.

Michele Turnitza and her daughter Laura talk about her life and family.

During the interview with Michele Turnitza the topic of family was stressed extensively. She values her children more than anything. Her three children are also some of the most important in her life. Her family, past and present were able...