I interviewed my mom about my life.

Mallika Bhargava 1A

Gunjan Bhargava describes how life was growing up and one of life’s hardest moments.

What made you become you?

This Interview was not as natural and open as most of our conversations usually are but it was nice interviewing her.


Her life from infantry to her life as an adult

Grandmas chilhood

We spoke about my grandmas chilhood and how it was.we also spoke about some things that make her happy and sad.

A letter from my mother 3/31

A few questions regarding the relationship with my mother and I.

The Life of My Grandmother: A Woman of Grace, Faith, and Strength

Today we discussed the life, times, and legacy of my Grandmother Muriel Burke. We cover a range of topics from throughout her life, including her trials and tragedies, her overcoming of these and emerging triumphant from them. She is forever...

Story of My Birth

We talked about my birth as well as hers.

My Roots

This is just a chat with my mom about how our childhoods were.

Tata My Mentor

I learned more about my Tata today. He loves God with all his heart, and he loves me!

Thanksgiving listen

How life was growing up poor in the 50s

Oral History Project

In this interview, I talked to my father about his life and the challenges he faced.

My Reason
October 26, 2018 App Interview

My reason for everything I do was born August 17, 2016.