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Elijah Wiseman and Nancy H.

Elijah Wiseman and Dr. Nancy H. talk about life as a hippie in the 1960s, Black Panther protests, and acceptance within the family.

Michael McCarty and Bill Healy

Michael McCarty (69) is interviewed by producer Bill Healy (36) about growing up in North Lawndale and the West Side of Chicago. Michael also talks about his activism with the Black Panther Party, the persona of Fred Hampton and his...

Fern Jackson, Etna Ross, Estella Taylor, and Wenefrett Watson

Fern Scott Jackson (65), Etna Laura Ross (74), Wenefrett Watson (91) and Estella Taylor (88) talk to one another about being wives and nurses in the Arlington Medical practice formed by black doctors (their husbands) to provide services to the...

Herman Brown and Cameron Stephenson

Cameron Stephenson (47) reminisces with her colleague Herman Brown (71), a teacher for over 45 years, about his experience in the Black Panther Party, how his community in Oakland has been influenced and changed, and their shared connection as educators...

Imogene Brooks and Shirley Tarver

Best friends Imogene Brooks (63) and Shirley Tarver (70) reminisce about the good times they have had together throughout their long friendship, describe what it was like growing up on the border of Columbus, GA and Phenix City, AL as...

Farooq Azizuddin and Saberah Azizuddin

Saberah Azizuddin (68) interviews her husband, Farooq Azizuddin (69), about his life. Farooq talks about his family, his time in the Black Panther party, his conversion to Islam, and more.

Finley Campbell and Elizabeth Thomas

Finley Campbell (81) is interviewed by his mentee Elizabeth Thomas (52) about his life as an educator, black panther organizer, and a child of the segregation era.