Jeff Cato & Erik Wexler

Jeff has been blind since birth and has been a valuable member of the Providence Health team since graduating high school. He initially began his career in food services and has now transitioned to the IT team, where he plays...

Thankful for technology and how they help blind people

Betsy gives thanks for technology for helping making her life as a blind person more accessible. As a ham radio operator, she has spoken to people all over the world and communicated through morse code. She has even made technology...

When a grade school goes above and beyond for a blind student

Robert Martin went into higher education because of the impact of the school system in his home town in the Appalachian mountains in Edmond, South Carolina. After going blind at age 13, his local school recorded his classes while he...

From Oklahoma to Belgium

Transplant a young girl from the decidedly western surroundings of Oklahoma to the old world charm of Belgium and anything can happen. For Rhanda Hasley a desire to experience the languages and customs of other cultures was ignited that burns...

Blind brother speaks about moments that greatly impacted him

Eli (13) interviews Cole (19) and Eli asks about the most impactful, proud, and important moments of Cole’s life.

“Don’t let your adversity stop you. You just do what you gotta do and forget the rest”

Marsha Macchi tells her story about being a blind self-advocate since the age of 13, when she first entered her school orchestra. Listen to her story about auditioning for Brigham Young University's symphony.

Using Aira to enhance Personal Independence

Dustin has found personal independence since using Aira. He no longer has to ask friends or family for help. Dustin recently called in to Aira and went shopping with his smart glasses for the first time. All with a shopping...

Group Hugs

On Thanksgiving 2018, in Galloway New Jersey, Abbi interviewed her grandma. They talked about her life in Italy and her struggles coming to America. They talked about her life with Abbi's stepmom(Jen) and Jen's sister (Sylvia's daughters). She recounts fondly,...

Oral History of Captain Bruce W Rider, USAF (Retired) Part 2

Bruce Rider talks about coming home from the Vietnam War and losing his vision.

Cole Phillips and Rugenia Keefe

Cole Phillips (a blind high school senior) reflects on high school with his Para (a teacher who assists with tests and assignments) Rugenia Keefe on the impact they have had on each other’s lives.

Petting a Lion at the MGM Grand Hotel

While roaming the MGM Grand hotel, Marlaina Lieberg was told she needed to leave the area as her guide dog Vista was agitating the resident MGM lion nearby. Sensing a once-in-a-lifetime experience, she agreed on the condition that she be...

Freyman SC Interview CAS120

Chris is blind and describes what life is like with limitations. He offers a different perspective on what we sometimes take for granted.

Oceansideschool4 interview
November 28, 2021 App Interview

In this interview Claude talks about how it was growing up with a single. He talks about how difficult it was for his mother to take care for them. Claude also talked about how he is so proud of me...

“We were our own little support group”

Growing up in a family of eight, Lolly and her older brother, Tom, had the same congenital eye disease. He started a high-end cab company and three radio stations, ran for public office, and was a model for Lolly, showing...

“A bomb exploded outside my bedroom window”

"On the evening of September 16, 2016 Ahmad Kahn Rahimi, an immigrant from Afghanistan, decided to detonate a bomb outside my window." Mary West tells the story of how a bomb exploded outside her bedroom and what ensued over the...

School assignment recording

I talked about a challenge I am currently facing to this day and how and why I continue to push forward

Nancy Lammers and Abigail Clauhs

Nancy, a PACE nurse in Portland, shares with colleague and chaplain Abigil about what brought her to nursing. Nancy has been with Providence since July 2023.