We Need More Teachers Like Her!

My name is Ozan Kara and I am a 17 years old cultural exchange student from Turkey. As an high school student in Bloomington, Indiana, I have had the chance to know a wonderful person, Vanessa Domizlaff, my German teacher...

"Find a job you love and live nearby"

Emily Maurer, 18 years old, Shannon Maurer, 50 years old, recorded on October 29, at 4:06pm in Flagstaff Arizona & Danville California.

Father's Day: memorizing my father's college life

I talk about my father's (47) college life with my father. And he gives me some suggestions, for example, how to spend my college.

Myyuh and Hany Osman

New friends Myyuh (31) and Hany Osman (33) talk about their work in music and film. They reflect on their early experiences with art, on what makes a place home, and on building community in New York City.

Grace Blomberg and Liv Hedstrom

Grace Blomberg (14) and her best friend Liv Hedstrom (14) talk about Covid-19, their friendship and life stories.