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EJ Schuman and His Mother Pam Schuman Talk About Her Life Story and Experiences

Edward Schuman (16) talks with his mother, Pam Schuman (51) on November 29th, 2021. He asks about her childhood with her parents, growing up, and getting the job she always wanted. Mrs. Schuman shares stories involving her charitable parents and...

J. Brian Weller and Sarah Padgett

Sarah Padgett (25) interviews her great uncle J. Brian Weller (86) about his childhood, the relationships that have shaped him, and his hopes for the future of their family. Throughout their conversation, they remember Richard Sanderson White, who was J....

kay green

kay has and has always had a great relationship with jesus christ. she referents in her mistakes with ease because she knows they are forgivin.

Mindy Baker and Lynn Potyen

Mindy Baker (42) speaks to her friend Lynn Potyen (53) about Lynn's shop, The GameBoard, and Lynn's dedication to using games to help the elderly and people with disabilities.

Question with mom

I learned how my family came to the U.S. frome Europe. I also learned about my great ancestors

Candace Barrington and Mike Shea

Partners Candace Barrington (63) and Mike Shea (69) share a conversation about their memories of childhood, their parents, their families, games and Thanksgiving traditions, and their marriage.

Interviewing my dad

Me interviewing my dad about his life