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Greg Kelly and William Jones

Friends Greg Kelly (48) and William Jones III (38) share a conversation about The Prolyfyck Run Crew, and the influence and significance of the group in their lives.

The Life of the Amazing Juan Alvarez

Life in Mexico and Chicago for my godfather, Juan Alvarez, was never easy and he was brought up with a hard work ethic that helped him get to where he is today in life. Family, things that make you happy,...

36 Questions with Sarai and Dillon Part I

Dillon is an emergency room doctor attempting to make his mark in business and Sarai is a former military intelligence officer advancing her career with a degree in cybersecurity. They met on Bumble (online dating app) and are blossoming as...

Moms backround

My mom answers these questions with emotion so she might cry

Our Bond

This interview was recorded on Nov. 20th, 2018, in participation of The Great Thanksgiving Listen. During the interview, Gianna Maldonado (16) asks her grandma Maria Fiola (63) about some of the struggles she encountered trying to raise another baby after...

Candace Thompson and William DiNome

Candace Thompson (60) shares a conversation with her friend William "Bill" DiNome (64) about the losses she has experienced, William's presence during the passing of her father, and the relationship they share.