Timothy Drake and Makenzie Dorval

Timothy "Tim" Drake (54) talks to his daughter Makenzie Dorval (29) about his service in the Marines, Army, and Air Force. He reflects on his most impactful deployments and the challenges of retiring from the military.

An impact on our lives

Talking with my grandfather about his life, his military experience, him and my grandmother, his grandkids, and some tips and advice!

Joyce Brake and Adam Brake

Joyce Brake (44) asks her husband Adam Brake [no age given] about his service in the Army. Adam shares how the military has shaped his life, shares some funny stories, and considers how the public's view of the Army has...

James Phelps and Cynthia Phelps

James Phelps [no age given] talks to his wife Cynthia Phelps (37) about his Air Force service and the circumstances that led to his medical retirement from the military. James reflects on his service in Afghanistan, his messages for his...

Bob Kelley and Scott Finlay

Son-in-law Scott Finlay (65) interviews his father-in-law Bob Kelley (98) about Bob's service in the United States Navy during World War II.

Mr. Verene

I spoke with Mr. Verene on November 29, 2020, about his personal life, and his religious beliefs. He explains his religious love after his traumatic experience.

Dad’s time in the military (part 1)

I talk to my dad about why he went into the Marine Corps and what his life was like while serving.

Alicia Barnes and Joseph Bowman

Alicia Barnes (49) speaks with her son Joseph "Joe" Bowman (18) about her time serving in the Navy. She shares memories of boot camp and her time at sea. She also expresses her appreciation for the organized and equitable nature...

Alexandria Carvalho and Kris Standering

Engaged couple Alexandria Carvalho (34) and Kris Standering (45) speak about Kris's experience in the military and the impacts of traumatic brain injuries.

Pamela Bergmann and John Duffy

Spouses Pamela Bergmann (71) and John Duffy (69) discuss John's childhood, military service, ski patrol experience, and life after the military.

Kelly Nelson and Theodore Mayer

Kelly Nelson (40) has a conversation with friend and former colleague, Theodore "Ted" Mayer (86), about his life and military career, focusing on the conditions of Marine Corps boot camp in the 1950s. Note: This interview contains mentions of abuse.

Raul Herrera and Anthony Herrera

Raul Herrera (71) speaks to his son Anthony Herrera (40) about his decision to enlist in the Navy, his upbringing, his experience in Vietnam, and his family.

Grandparents talk to grandson about childhood and life

On thanksgiving 11/23/17, Severn Maryland,me and my grandparents (Wendy, Otto) talked about their life and how things have changed. We also talked about the moon and boot camp for the marines. My grandmother talked about how it was growing up...

The Life of my Grandpa

A short synopsis of my grandfathers life. We talk about his early childhood, boot camp, family life, and retirement.

Boot camp

I talk with my older sister about going to boot camp

David Englert and Logan Englert

David Robert Englert (53) talks to his son, Logan Englert (18), about his service in the military and his five deployments. Logan shares reflections on being raised in a military family and traveling.

Margaret Woody and Philip Perkins

One Small Step partners Margaret Arnette Woody (64) and Philip Perkins (44) talk about their upbringings, the influence their parents had on them, and how their political views are shaped by their experiences as people of color.

Interview with my older brother

My brother does not like to talk a lot so the fact that he sat down with me was really cool

Emma and Dane Pavelek

Emma and Dane discussing the effects of Emma going off to college. how is Emma going to handle the Naval Academy and basic training?

Angie Blevins and Michaela Loisel

Angela "Angie" Blevins (62) is interviewed by Michaela Loisel (66) about her 27 years serving in the military. During her military career, Angie worked primarily as an illustrator draftsman. Her service was spent in the Navy, Maine Army National Guard,...

The Life of my Grandpa

A short synopsis of my grandfathers life. We talk about his early childhood, boot camp, family life, and retirement.

Frankie Burgos and Hilary Lithgow

Frankie Burgos (27) talks with his friend Hilary Lithgow (47) about early memories of being in the Marines, making friends in boot camp, and what it was like to come home home after being deployed.