Alexandria Suthard and Bella Gonzalez

Alexandria Suthard (52) speaks with new friend Bella Gonzalez (26) about how she is currently working through and processing her past military experience. She talks about dealing with PTSD symptoms, her worries about expenses, seeking a new job, dating, and...

Nia Hodge and Sherry Neil

Sherry Neil (49) and Nia Hodge (50) talk about the importance of community, conversations about mental health for Black women, and their hopes for Fresno in terms of equity.

Show some respect!

In this story from the first year of court-ordered desegregation (1968 Oklahoma City), new student Debi (now 69) shares an important lesson in respect for others whose life experience she is only learning about. The lesson proved valuable to her...

JJ [No Name Given] and Dorian [No Name Given]

JJ [No Name Given] (55) and her daughter Dorian "Joli" [No Name Given] (21) discuss pop culture, life experiences, and their relationships.

Creating a racial justice hero: Rachel Willis of Elevating Equity

This interview details how racial justice advocate Rachel Willis became who she is today as well as the personal and professional battles she faces everyday to create a flourishing legacy for herself and her country.