"Open to the surprising encounter" -Paolo Puccini, CSP

Paolo Puccini describes himself as a pilgrim and a missionary. His Catholic journey and evangelization led him to the Paulist Fathers. After several years of study and formation with the community, in September 2019, Paolo made his final promises to...

Reilly Roberts and Greg Roberts

Reilly Roberts (23) and her father Greg Roberts [no age given] reminisce about their journey walking the Camino de Santiago and by doing so, reflect on the life lessons Greg has instilled in Reilly as she has grown up, such...

Stoney Brook and Christy Hightower
November 14, 2016 App Interview

Stoney Brook talks about how being a pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago in 2014 touched and changed him in unexpected ways. Among other things the pilgrimage was the gateway to his setting up the first Veteran's Treatment Court in...

“Gratitude never gets us in trouble.”

I'm not proud of anything I've done," Paulist Father Tom Hall told the crowd gathered at his retirement party after 30 years as a Navy chaplain. He says that the room was silent. "I'm just overwhelmed with gratitude. Pride--no. There's...

Jennifer DePaola and Peter DePaola (IV)

Jennifer DePaola (49) and her son Peter DePaola IV (21) tell the story of Jennifer's journey on the Camino de Santiago with her father, Peter's grandfather. The story takes a turn when Jennifer's father passes away during their trip and...

Suzanne Verge and Riley Peak

Mother and daughter, Suzanne Verge (56) and Riley Peak (23), discuss their trip to the Camino de Santiago and the lessons they learned there.