What my inspiration went through

This was an interview with my nanny. She had a heart attack a couple years ago while working and collapsed, due to the heart attack she had her right leg amputated. About a year later, she was diagnosed with liver,...


From Colorado but originating from a relatively conservative town in otherwise liberal Massachusetts, Stephen Weddig is interviewed by his child, Angela Weddig, speaking of his experiences with politics and historical events all the way from his childhood to his adulthood....

Exhuming the Past and Person of Martina White (Part II)

In this interview I attempt to unearth the life of my aunt who died at age sixteen through my mother's memories and stories, further adding to the mythology which surrounds her life but also bringing it to terms with reality...

Carol Wingate – 9.29.19

Granny Carol’s life, childhood, passions, and recent cancer diagnosis

Dear Mama

After interviewing my mom, I’ve learned that her personality has always been consistent from her past to the present.

Kailey Bean and her dad, Scott, talk about Kailey’s grandma, and what life has been like since her passing.

I'm this interview, in November 2018, Kailey Bean(17) interviews her dad Scott Bean(52) about her deceased grandmother, Shirley. They talk about what life was like when her grandmother was alive, and how life has changed since her passing. Scott talks...

Lorna Bendson: Teacher, Mom and Supporter

Lorna Benson is a high school science teacher. In this interview she shares about her life growing up and her family. Along with this, her journey with her son, who had/has cancer, and how it has affected her life.


Our conversation ranged from life experiences and family memories to current ideas and feelings about Dad's illnesses.

Scott’s cancer experience

Scott's experience battling cancer as a teenager

SI Aliza Il Vento (The Wind Rises)

My mother and I recollecting on how her life has shown many experiences. We found out that addiction affects our whole family tree.

"She did not accept the cancer diagnosis as a limiting factor"
January 1, 2017 App Interview

Donna Wright reflects on the death of her daughter, Lauren Wright Hobbs, from cervical cancer, along with Lauren's best friend and sister-in-law Elaine Wright. In honor of Lauren, Donna and Elaine work together to raise awareness about cervical cancer in...

Great Thanksgiving Listen w/ Auntie Miss

Talking with my aunt about regrets, lessons, school, and elections. Listening about strength through the hard times. Learning about sicknesses and how hard it can be. Learning about a valuable person. Listening and learning to love!


Empy, George Odlum, musing about his life.

One man’s 100 year history with City of Hope

Jay Steinman shares his family’s connections to helping establish City of Hope, his mother’s own turn as a patient, and his dream for City of Hope Orange County.

Her legacy, last lesson & our final collaboration: Rachel reflects on her life as an educator

Rachel and Takeru are close friends, colleagues, and teach high school English class. When Rachel was diagnosed with her third bout of cancer, they sat down together to reflect on her journey as a teacher, from how she came into...

A story about a hard worker

My grandpa started working when he was thirteen, he never dated and he looked up to his dad. After his dad retired he bought Napa and worked very hard there for 42 years before he retired.

Microbio 160 Cancer Interview (Aditya Singh interviews Teammate Trace Trant)

In this interview, I interview my teammate Trace Trant who’s mom was affected Hodkin’s Lymphoma and all the experiences he was affected by.

Grandpa David

Brief chat with my grandfather, a man of few words, on his life.

Jeff’s Story

A story of my dad Jeff reflecting on when he had cancer