Joseph Rogers-Britton and Jeff Moore

Joseph Rogers-Britton (64) talks with his friend Jeff Moore (56) about the importance of kindness, reflecting on his journey living with HIV and caring for others living with HIV and AIDS.

Uncle Dick and Eli

Great great uncle and nephew talk about his life

A Nurse’s Life During Covid
November 27, 2022 App Interview

Today, we interviewed Aundrea Brown age 38 who had been a registered nurse for 17 years. Today, we discussed how was it for her being a nurse during Covid while have 2 young children the ages of 6 and 4.

Learning even more about Kathryn Sehl
November 2, 2022 App Interview

Here I get a lot more in depth with learning more about kathryn. We had a great conversation and learned more about what makes worth in her life.

Interview with an Ally

Gaye speaks on why and how she became the strong LGBTQ ally that she is in a conservative Southern town.

How An Asset Helped Me Overcome A Challenge

In my interview, I talked about how I used my caring and patient personality to help a kid who was hard of hearing and had learning disabilities.

Interview with Andrew’s mom
November 29, 2022 App Interview

Andrew Galez interviewed Gabriela Galez, age 44, on November 28, 2022 at 11:45pm in Miami FL. Topics discussed included who she looked up to, what her best memory and proudest moment was, and last words she were to say to...

One asset I have is…

This is a story about and important asset that I have.

Emilia giving advice on life

Savannah Keenshaw (15) interviews her friend Emilia (15) about her current life and advice she has

Interview With LuAnn Freund

I met with LuAnn Freund. We discussed the ups and downs of her past, along with her present life and future ambitions.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

We mostly just talked about me and how I was as a kid. She told me memories of how I was and how I am now.

Discussion 2

An overall getting to know Tyler interview. Nothing to deep or personal, just what and who is important to him as.

Yenisel Llana

About my mother and her life. Early memories , childhood , and about when she first came to cuba . Talks about people who impacted her. And some of her traits . Speaks about how she would like to be...

Stories of Papa (mom)

Ryan(16) & His mom, Marilyn(39), talk about his Papa, Mike, and the stories they had of him.


Interview taken with bella Nabers nanna

An Interview with Kay Forrest

A brief recount of the stories and lessons from the life of Kay Forrest

Jonathan Camarena’s Interview

Jonathan Talked about his friends and school life. he also talked about how he appreciated how his life was going.

Laurie Jennings

That my teacher truly cares for all of her students.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018

My grandma was not as driven to do things as she was before. She is a very loyal and caring woman. She is loving , smart and committed. She wants the world to think about what they do and generally...

“Someone who cared"

I talked with my grandpa about some of the positive and negative moments in his life that shaped him into who he is today as well as influential people. Both contributed to amazing lessons and wisdom he has gained in...

Marshallese culture knowledge and value.

my name is Jellyann Namdrik and my interviewer name is Kannea K Lussier . We both teaching at North Delap Elementary School. The topic for my interview is based on marshallese culture knowledge and value.