Wylene Carol and Floyd Tunson

Best friends Wylene Carol (81) and Floyd Tunson (76) reflect on Floyd’s journey as an eclectic artist, how identity and location factor into success in the art world, and working together for the past 45 years.

Amy Voss-DeVito and Beverly Harrison

Sisters, Amy Voss-DeVito (58) and Beverly Harrison (53), share a conversation about their mother's legacy and stardom in crafts, in particular, the mouse and pretty girl dolls.

Individual Against Society

The general struggles of artists in our society.

Reverse Glass Painting with Mike Artz

Today’s Interview was with a local Artist Mike Artz. Mike is a colleague of mine, not in the art field but today was all about his art.

Angela Bates and Cheryl Jones

Sisters Angela Bates (68) and Cheryl Jones (69) discuss the people who left an impression in their lives. They also reflect on the values of family dinners and honoring the traditions left behind by their parents.

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Charles Tyson Jr.

A fairly recent transplant from West Philadelphia to Tacony, Charles is an artist, singer, dancer and event producer in the performing arts of Philadelphia. Charles gives insight into his involvement in the flourish Art scene in Tacony, also known as...

A Young Artist Gets A Miracle!

That morning I wished that I could meet with the famous band and network with them. That night I was on stage singing with them! A miracle in Monterrey and in my life as an artist.

Moosy Graffiti on the B-Line & Mentors and the Legacy of Graffiti Art

Moosy is a Graffiti artist that I met on-site at one of his projects. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was admiring the art and then around the corner pops the artist! To my surprise, he was interested...

P Jamieson and Alan Jamieson

P Jamieson (55) interviews her brother, Alan Jamieson (56), about a painting he created that she owns.

Calvin Shawler PART 1— artistic genius and wonderful human

CALVIN Shawler is a 17 year old genius and we discussed being gay, religious, and an artist.

The Life and Times of Hazel Moore

Della "Hazel" Moore was born in Johnson City, Tennessee on May 31, 1922, and came to live in Hot Springs, North Carolina shortly after her birth. She died at age 96, . She lived her life and created her legacy...

Davian Chester and Delores Thompson

Delores Thompson [no age given] shares a conversation with her cousin, Davian Chester (28), about the Juneteenth Google Doodle that Davian illustrated and how the reception to that piece of art affected his life and career. Davian also talks about...

Frank Born and Julia Dunn

This interview about Frank Born's (75) life was conducted by Julia Dunn (29) in New York City. Frank is a close friend of Julia's father. In the interview, they discuss his journey into portrait and narrative painting, his upbringing in...

Immigration Stories: Mexico-United States An Oral History – Nicole Costa

Nicole lived for several years as an expat in Mexico as she spent time as a teacher and intensively learned to speak Spanish. Nicole speaks about how her years in Mexico progressed from a short visit to a decision to...

Mom interview

We talked about her favorite song her favorite artist and movie and why she liked them and what attracted her to that

An Interview with my Sister
November 25, 2018 App Interview

We talked about my sister's past, aspirations, and personality traits (including the things that she regrets and wishes she could do again).

“If you want something to happen, you just have to go make it happen.” – Jon and Aria-Blair about the way they experience our community

Jon, Aria-Blair, and their toddler daughter join Alison for a conversation about their lives in Richmond, their two businesses (Black Dog Printing and Tarot Tattoo), and how they are helping to create safe spaces for women and creative places for...