Thanksgiving Listen

I’m this interview I interviewed my father, Bryan Howard on his life and his childhood. I asked a couple questions about his childhood, some things about his life now, and some things he would change.

Radio and the music that moves us

Interview with Ken Murphy in the 88.3 KABF studio in Little Rock Arkansas. The interview was over the radio, music, artist, and all of the changes that have happened or are taking place now.

Betty Mantel

Personal perspective of someone living in Gary, Indiana during very racially challenging times in the 1960s. Also first hand view of what it was like when President Kennedy was assassinated.

Janet McKeithan and Robbie Jones

Friends and colleagues in activism, Janet McKeithan (64) and Robbie Jones (62) talk about Janet's journey to ministry and activism and the impact of organization they work for in the community.

“you’re going to edit most of this out now right?”

my great grandmother had a very hard and difficult life. Here she shares her story of life in Iceland and how America was a massive change.

How Covid Changed A Full Time Student & Workers Life

I, Noah Couden had an interview with Jillian Street regarding her life and the impact covid has made on her. This included her work life as well as her school life and where her future leads because of covid.

Claire McCoy and George Black

Claire McCoy (58) sits down with her father, George Black (86), to ask him about his experiences as an actor and his career as a professor in the theater departments of various universities.

The Challenge of Change

My cousin Tori and I talk about her journey with moving four times, how she was shaped from those experiences and where she is now.

Freddys early life and how it’s changed him.

In this interview Freddy explained what he went through as a kid and how he is now living his life. He sounds very responsible and has a good head on his shoulders.How did your partner react to the interview? I...

The Changes of Interpersonal Communication: An interview with my dad, Mark Parkison

Ellie Parkison (21) talks with her dad, Mark Parkison (55) about how interpersonal communication has changed during his lifetime and in various contexts.

Mother Daughter Talk, 4/29/19

We talked about a range of topics; everywhere from happiest memories to most challenging experiences.

Growing up in 1960’s

How growing up in the 1960’s differ from growing up in today’s world. As well as what you wish you would have known back then.

Lifetime Cahnges

Many changes have happened in Sam's life. The biggest change in Sam DiCola's lifetime is Communication and Intertanement.

Grandma DeeDee

We talked about her childhood and what it was like for her growing up. We also talked about regrets and things she would change in th world.

Interview with mom

An interview with my mother compare the differences in my 19 year old life today to her 19 year old life years ago

Emily’s narrative

this recording is me talking about why I wrote my story about my moving experience how how I felt throughout the process.


Living through the 1950s to the 2010s

God Old Days Interview

This interview was done to look back on the past and get a perspective of how different the lives of some of our relatives were.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen- Sophie Williams and her Grandmother Beverly Love

On November 22, 2023, Sophie Williams (17) interviewed her grandmother Beverly Love (76) about her past. She recorded this on her grandmother's patio in College Station, Texas. Sophie asked her grandmother about her college life, friendships, family, and more.

Aaron’s Story
June 29, 2022 App Interview

Aaron gets hospitalized and talks about his experience during and after he was hospitalized.

Past Affecting The Present.

This is an interview between me the interviewer and my mom the interviewie. We discuss he past and how it has affected her and shaped her as a person to later shape me. My mother's story talks about events that...