The 1960’s

I spoke with a very close family friend (a grandfather to me) about his experience in the 60’s. We spoke of Kennedy, the National Guard, Vietnam War, Segregation, and more.

Daughter’s Mother

My mom talking about her life story.

People of the Rio Grande Valley Border Towns: Cristina, "We want to create an infrastructure for people to grow into people we want to see.

People of the Rio Grande Valley Border Towns: Cristina Garza, Program Director of the Mission EDC and creator of the Expert In Residence program says part of the Mission CEED co-working space's mission is " create an infrastructure for people...

Thanksgiving listen

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, Andrew Romanelli (17) interviews Stephanie Romanelli (51) about her childhood and through school age years. Stephanie shares stories about bullying in junior high. She also shares about her summer life,...

Grandmother tells grandchild about her life

Grandmother Loretta Fitch, along with her daughter Coleen tells granddaughter Olivia Fitch about her life as a child growing up with neither parent. She also tells Olivia about her experience as a mother and how much her children meant to...

Understanding the life Joshua’s mom

It's about Joshua Garcia interviewing his Lilliana Valdez. He interviews her about her decisions in her past that ended her up in position she is now.

Father Jim McEnery Tells His Life Story w/ Maureen McGavock Sterk

Maureen interviews Fr. Jim in Orlando during Sheila’s 70th birthday celebration weekend. Lots of GREAT stories from Fr. Jim!!!

Jon Langford & Sally Timms

Jon Langford and Sally Timms--of The Mekons and countless other projects--have been part of the Old Town School community in a myriad of ways since the 1990s. Just a few months after Langford was honored as a “Music Legend” by...

Linus Mavers interviews his mother Elizabeth Caldwell about growing up

In this interview, recorded on November 25th, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Linus Mavers (18) interviews his mother Elizabeth Caldwell (57) about her life and childhood. Elizabeth talks about growing up in different cities and moving around as the daughter of...

Our conversation

Using the One Small Step Prompt and using our own questions

Tisa Batchelder & Gregg Ostrom

A conversation between partners and musical collaborators Gregg Ostrom and Tisa Batchelder, who met many years ago at the Old Town School, where they work. They share memories of their first encounters with the school, of their long courtship, and...

Raudel speaks

My dad is not a very opened person and I decided to choose him because I would like for him to open up me about his life and what it was like for him growing up.

Jane Stracke Bradbury

A conversation between Jane Stracke Bradbury and Old Town School documentarian Mareva Lindo. Jane has been present at every incarnation of the school, even before it began. Daughter of Old Town School co-founder Win Stracke, she recalls memories of her...

Hanna Lopez and her grandmother Yvonne Gonzales- Director talking about her life and relationships

In Chicago Illinois on November 22, 2018 I, Hanna Lopez (16) interviewed my grandmother Yvonne Gonzales-Director (63). My grandmother is the third child out of a family of five, her two older sister, and her younger sister and brother. My...

Audie Lucius interviews his grandmother about her life in Chicago, Illinois.

The interviewee is my grandmother Pamela Walker. Fifty three years old. I am the interviewer eighteen years old. The interview took place on Sunday November 25, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. In the interview my grandmother talks about what school was...

Charles Kim & Kim Bellware

A conversation between Charles Kim, Guitar and Songwriting teacher at Old Town School since 1999 and Kim Bellware, friend and student. Kim and Charles discuss the effect of YouTube on classes at Old Town School, and how people choose to...

Charlotte Bader

A conversation with Charlotte Bader. This conversation was recorded at the school on July 25th, 2017. Go to to hear selected excerpts from interviews collected as part of the StoryCorps-Old Town School partnership.

Joe Filisko & Harlan Terson

A conversation between Joe Filisko, blues harmonica player and teacher, and Harlan Terson, touring and teaching bass player. Harlan remarks on his luck to experience the zenith of the blues era and working with several Chicago Blues Legends. Joe remembers...

Ella Jenkins

Born in St. Louis on August 6th, 1924, and raised on Chicago's South side, Ella Jenkins was the first person in line on the opening night of the Old Town School of Folk Music, December 1st, 1957. At the time,...

Ancestor Interveiw Pat Ritchie

2nd generation Irish-American woman interviewed by her grandson