Talking with my mom

A mom of eight children talks with her sixth child about raising her.


Good interview with Autumn

An Interview With Mom

An interview with my beloved mother. I apologize for having so many key moments but my mother and I bond very well and I feel as though these snippets show that. 1:09-2:10, 2:50-6:13, 9:18-10:33, 12:55-13:16, 13:44-16:03

Growing up

Talking about what I was like as a child

The great listen history 3rd hour

I interviewed my mom, Angie Green, and asked her a few questions about her life.

A Flashback Through Wise Eyes

In this lovely interview with my mom, we talked about the joys of her childhood. She reflected upon the choices she made growing up, and how she has adopted valuable life lessons along the way. Finally, my mom also imparted...

The Journey Across

“Family is the most important piece of my DNA so to have to pretend that I wasn’t a part of the only family I had ever known felt wrong but I knew that I had to do it if I...

Sarah Spear with Desirea Stott-Rodgers and Rob Morris of Love146 discuss 20 years within the anti-trafficking movement

Sarah Spear speaks with Love146 Co-founder and Board Member Desirea Stott-Rodgers and Love146 Co-founder, Board Member, and CEO Rob Morris about how they first engaged in anti-trafficking efforts. They speak about what compelled them to get involved and what keeps...

Abreanna Perrie

I interviewed my little sister

part 2 interview with Miranda and Seaver

uncle chet interviewing Seaver and Miranda at family gathering about their life, meeting, and future.


I talked about how my mom's life was when growing up and how was her life like when she met my dad and had me and my siblings

Part one Interview with Seaver and Miranda

Uncle Chet interviewing Seaver and Miranda about life, childhood, experiences, and the future.

An interview with my grandmother

In their interview I will explore some of the stories of my grandmothers past.

Interview for school

Victor interviewed his mother about her legacy.

I’m My Peace

My sister Tania, a domestic violence survivor talks about the hardships that she had to endure during her pregnancy and the 6 long years of her relationship to her sons dad.