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The War at Home: My Mother’s story

One in three women have experienced domestic violence worldwide; most of this violence is intimate partner violence. Eighteen percent of all relationships are interracial or multicultural. This project focuses solely on my mother's experience and telling her story of survival....

“What one memory would you hold on to forever, if you could?”

I asked my dad questions about his childhood growing up in Arkansas, what it is like having a father who is a pastor, his relationship with my mom, mentors, personal experiences, and more.

My Grandmother talks about her time as a teacher, instructor, and parent as well as giving advice and stories she has.
November 29, 2018 App Interview

I speak with my Grandmother, a renown teacher and community administrator, Fire Department office manager and more, about some of her experiences as a teacher and as she grew up in general. I ask her about school in Haiti and...

Crazy day for Mouse-ka-teers

Shannon Timpane talks to Grace Moser about one of the dumbest things she did in her childhood. A day filled with chaos, fires, and movies she explains how she and her friend auditioned to be "Mouse-ka-teers."

David and Onda Simpson discuss growing up during WWII and meeting each other in college

David and Onda Simpson review their life stories and discuss their unique experiences. Onda discusses growing up in Marion, Indiana during the 1940s. David speaks about growing up as a pastor's child during the Great Depression in South Dakota. David...

Lourdes Rodriguez and Christian Mendoza

Christian interviewed his mom about her early childhood and life. She explains part of her story from growing up to coming to the US.

The Great Thanksgiving interview

In this interview, conducted on November 24th, 2018 in McKinney, Texas, Karsyn Walker (14) interviews her mom Kendra Walker (47) about her childhood memories and the things that inspired her. Mrs. Walker shares the memories of having no father to...

Callie and her mom talk about her mom’s life.
November 29, 2018 App Interview

Callie and her mom talk about her mom's childhood and how she grew up. They compare and contrast their childhood stories and learn more about her mom's journey to where she is today.

“I’m very proud. America is a great land of opportunities…Anyone who works hard, has dreams will succeed definitely.”

I talked with my dad about some of the things that sometimes I don't really ask about. I wanted to know more about his childhood in India and what it was like immigrating here. I also really wanted to know...

Alex and Lynn Holt talk about family traditions and the challenges of raising a family in the modern world.
November 25, 2018 App Interview

History project 11/25/18. This interview took place in Birmingham, Alabama. Alex Holt discusses with his mother her childhood and how her childhood affected her today. They then discuss how she wants to be remembered and what she wants for her...

Joe shares his childhood struggle of trying to use scissors as a left-handed individual.

Joe Swanson, also know as "Trophy Joe", is an artist and skateboarder extraordinaire. We discusses childhood memories and what it was like to grow up as an introverted lefty in Richmond.

S01: Ep10: A Picture’s Worth: Running for Our Future. Meet Leslie Ghiz, candidate for judge in Hamilton County, Ohio, in November 2018.

If it’s true that ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone,’ can you ever find comfort, and peace, in the past? Welcome to the tenth installment of A Picture’s Worth: Running for our Future. In this Episode, we...

The Great Thanksgiving Interview: My Roommate describes herself and her life in a Nutshell

In this interview conducted over Thanksgiving 2018 in Plymouth, New Hampshire, Lucy Thatcher (20) interviews her roommate and best friend Kaitlyn Robicheau Hall (18) about her life, random facts, hopes and future. Miss Robicheau Hall shares her stories from growing...

S01: Ep13: A Picture’s Worth: Running for Our Future. Meet Jill Schiller, candidate for Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District, in November 2018.

Images, like families, aren’t always as they seem. Welcome to the 13th installment of A Picture’s Worth: Running for our Future. In this Episode, we meet Jill Schiller, a first-time candidate who is running to represent Ohio’s Second Congressional District,...