Grandma and Grandpa McCort

This interview is with my paternal grandparents, asking them questions about their past and present life.

A Journey Through the Life of the Schmitz Family

Getting to know my grandparents and their history. I learned my family was very involved in the military and they made many contributions to our country.

History of Tara Henley Interview

This interview contains memories and history from my mom’s childhood and memories of raising her children. She discusses her parents, siblings, hardest memories, and dreams. My mother has always told me stories from her childhood and most important moments, but...

My Popop
November 23, 2017 App Interview

Talking about childhood and family.


My sister was raised by our grandparents and this is post of their passing.

Thanksgiving interview

I interviewed my sister on thanksgiving and discussed about her childhood and important moments in her life.

Grandma & Grandpa Dressell

I interview my mom about lessons learned from her parents - my grandparents - Dick & Irene Dressell

Interview with Nancy and Michael Anderson

Talked about many things including their parents, grandparents, what life was like growing up, school, holidays, and the military. Very interesting and learned a lot about my grandparents that I did not know.

My step dads life and his stories

As a kid he spent time with his grandparents and were very close with them. He is very proud of his family and loves what he does.

Lawson’s interview with Nana and Fafa

Lawson talking with his maternal grandparents about family history.

Joanne Graffam Stories of Her Life

We discussed her parents and grandparents and how she met her husband and what my mom was like.

My Grandfather

Me and my Grandfather talked about what life was like in his life( before I was born).

Grandma and Grandpa Myers

We talked about family, happy moments, and other amazing moments in their lives.