In this interview I am a 14 year old boy who interviews his older 18 year old brother. Most of the questions I ask are not about family because we are family.

Lynda’s life

In this interview Zoe Hayes talks with Lynda Sanderson about her walk through life with and without Jesus. On November 28, 2015 Zoe grows closer with her grandmother as she asks her personal questions to better understand Lynda's life before...

Generational Childhood

We discussed her past experiences, memories, and thoughts regarding her religion.

Olivia and Oma in Delray Beach Florida on November 25 2021

Me and Oma talked about her life growing up and what her parents were like and how they met, then we talked about her work and what her job taught her in life. We also talked about how she became...

Derick McGhee and Gregory Lakin

One Small Step partners Derick McGhee (35) and Gregory Lakin (63) share a conversation about their work, their faith, and their community. They discuss issues prevalent to rural Kansas such as addiction, isolation, and climate change.


This interview talks about Mimi’s life from her childhood until the present.

Megan Kelly Delight

Delight a new organization on campus.

My Mother’s Life

In this interview my mother talks about living with her siblings and how holidays were a big part of the family. She talks about her school life in elementary and teachers who were important to her. She talks about relationships...

My Grandma

An interview of important aspects of Ruth Boller’s life.

Imago Dei pt.1

This is the first part of the interview that I had with Mr. Nokes (my teacher) and we are both believers and we are both happy to have known to each other.

Christian Gonzalez and Krista Atiyeh

One Small Step partners Christian Gonzalez (32) and Krista Atiyeh (49) share a conversation about their lives and their families. Christian speaks about her ministry and community work as well as her role as the eldest daughter in her family....

Christian’s Life from a civilian to a U.S. Marine

The interview was taken place in San Jose, CA on November 26, 2017. I, Sandra Curiel (18) interviewed my big brother, Christian Curiel (20) who is currently a Reserved U.S. Marine. We’ve discussed about his experience growing up, his memories,...

Christian Persecution

Today’s podcast is about the rising issue of Christian Persecution.

CTC Student Interviews Mom About Her Life And Loved Ones

I interview my mother about her childhood, family, and other thoughts. She talked about tings such as my dad, her parents, and me. She also talked about her memories. She lets me know how proud she is of my family...

Pierce Guthrie and Jonathon Guthrie

Pierce Guthrie (18) interviews his father Jonathon Guthrie (48).

Michaela Hitchcock and her grandmother Sandy Toone talks about life and growing up.

November 2017, Michaela Hitchcock (15) talks to grandmother Sandy Toone (69) about growing up in Arkansas. Stories about grandparents and heritage. Towards the end, Sandy talks about her brother dying and how it affected her life.

Mother-Daughter Love

This interview is between my mom and I and we talk about her past and her hopes for my future.

Norman McDaniel

I talked with Norman McDaniel, my grandfather about his time in the Vietnam War and his overall life and future ambitions for the world.