Taylor Gorodnick’s GTL

We talked about her childhood and what it was like growing up.

My Grandma and Me

This is an interview with my Grandmother on Thanksgiving. Thank you Nanny, I love you.

CHS Rollet GTL 2917, Laura DeSena and Mary Slevin

Laura DeSena interviewing Mary Slevin about her childhood memories, and favorite stories.

Cindy Nguyen and her math teacher, Ms. Black, talk about growing up in New York and her life.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Chantilly, VA, Cindy Nguyen interviews Ms. Black about her childhood and life. Ms. Black shares her stories on how New York and changes, like a sudden adventure in the military, has made...

GTL Rollet Jordan Baker

Jordan Baker interviewing a Spanish teacher Thimothy Brown about his life and experiences.

Kimberly Bascope GTL 2018 – An Interview With My Dad

An interview with my dad, Henry Bascope. We talked about his childhood memories in Bolivia, school, his parents, and his life in the U.S.

Evan Carper interviews his grandpa Ike Carper.

Ike Carper talks about his life growing up in the 1940’s, important lessons he’s learned, and the biggest change he’s seen in his life.

GTL With Joyce sours

In this interview I talked with my grandma about her life growing up and memories.We also talked about adventures she had and advice she gives for our generation.Also around 9 minuets there is a pause/stop bcs the skype had turned...

Rohit’s Awesome Interview

Interviewing Dave and Monica Vickers, native Virginians and travelers!

Interview with Grandpa

Talking to Grandpa about his life in the army all the way up to now.

GTL 2017 with my grandfather CHS Rollet PT 2

This interview was conducted between me and my grandfather. Unfortunately this recording ended abruptly as well, but there will be no part 3 to continue this interview. Thanks for listening!

GTL 2017 with my grandfather CHS Rollet PT 1

This interview was conducted with me and my grandfather on December 3rd. However, the interview was abruptly ended and there will be a part 2 to this interview

GTL 2017

This is an interview between my grandmother and I reflecting on her life.

My Grandpa and Me

This is an interview I had with my grandfather on Thanksgiving. Thank you for being so patient with me Poppy. I love you.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with my grandpa

I recorded my grandpa for a school project but it was really interesting. The interview included stories about his jobs working in a drugstore a railroad the car dealership and in the military and as a teacher. He told about...

Harriet Becker

My great grandmother told me about how to live a happy life

Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017

I️ talk to my grandma about her childhood, her different jobs, and thanksgiving traditions

Life Experiences With My Grandfather

I talk with my grandpa about various life experiences and whatnot.

Mr. Spring’s Life

Mr. Spring was one of my former biology teacher from Chantilly High School and during this interview, he talked a lot about his childhood and his life experiences. Unfortunately, time was running short, so there were not as many questions.