The Amazing Life of Grandma Cac

In this interview, held on December 9, 2019, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Riley Marschall speaks with Cathrine Harrington about Cathrine’s childhood growing up, what it was like for her getting into school, and getting a job. She talks about her...

Interview with my mom

Me and my mom talked about her life. We also talked about how and where she grew up.

Interview of my dad and how he became the first kid to go to collage in his village.

This is the story of how my father became the first kid in his entire village to go to collage. He studied upwards of 12 hours a day and 7 days a week. In the proses he explains his friends...

Getting to know my sister better

My sister and I talked about her involvement in the fire department, and her possible careers in the medical field.

Interviewing my mom

My mother is a very hardworking person who I love so much. She has had many ups and downs. She also has, many funny stories about her life in India.

La reina de todas las cosas

The youth of my mother was filled with success and secret rebellion, untold words kept self, and the life of a blossoming mother balancing work and family to an extent.

Working into Harvard

Francette Kelley never expected to get into Harvard, but it was a welcome surprise. In this interview, James Kelley interviews Francette in Los Angeles California, about her life growing up in Boston in the 80’s. He asks her about her...

How hard work and responsibilities shape a person

An interview with Annisa Murataj, discussing how growing up as the oldest sibling and first generation collage student has shaped her into the person she is. She explained that being the oldest and having to watch over her siblings was...