Carmel Viado and Eva Dhimi

Good friends Carmel Viado (41) and Eva Dhimi (33) discuss how COVID has impacted their individual career paths and the work they have been doing to seek new ventures for themselves during this time.

Friends For Ever Plus Two Days

Kathy and Deanna first met in the teacher credential program at UCI over 35 years ago and have taught together ever since in Capistrano Unified.

Her legacy, last lesson & our final collaboration: Rachel reflects on her life as an educator

Rachel and Takeru are close friends, colleagues, and teach high school English class. When Rachel was diagnosed with her third bout of cancer, they sat down together to reflect on her journey as a teacher, from how she came into...

Joanne Hurt and Tammy Mann

Joanne Hurt (55) and her colleague Tammy Mann (56) discuss their work as leaders in the field of equity in early childhood education, how their industry has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and what has given them hope as...

Nancy Sorrells and Sarah Francisco

Friends and Colleagues, Nancy Sorrells (62) and Sarah Francisco (41), discuss the journey they faced in stopping a planned natural gas pipeline from passing through their communities.

Katherine McGrady and Igor Mikolic-Torreira

Former colleagues Katherine McGrady (56) and Igor Mikolic-Torreira (56) discuss how they came to work at the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA). Katherine remembers being deployed to Somalia at a time when few women worked in the industry. Igor describes...

Howard Kramer and Ann Hoog

Folklorist Ann Hoog (45) interviews longtime colleague and American Folklife Center volunteer, Howard Kramer (77) about his early life, and his 16 years volunteering at the Center.

Cheryl Guinan, Addison Guinan, and Jean Munson

Jean Munson (33) interviews her colleague Cheryl Guinan (38) and Cheryl's daughter Addison Guinan (10) about leadership, life lessons and their hopes for the future.

Kelly O'Keefe and Janice Bowman

Friends Kelly O'Keefe (37) and Janice Bowman [no age given] discuss their advocacy for mental health wellness, the alternative therapy method Kelly practices, different wellness treatments and what giving back means to them.

Jenny Stiles and Jean Munson

Colleagues Jenny Stiles (33) and Jean Munson (32) discuss their connection, the work that they do in leadership and transforming language and conversations around disability.