Oral History Project: Kelsey Hayes

Experiences traveling to Colombia participating in educational programs and mission work.

Carlos Colburn and his mom Katia Colburn talk about moving to the states.

In this interview my mom and I talked about her child hood and what it was like growing up in two different countries. We talked bout her parents and how they effected her life. To finish the interview off we...

Charlando con mi mamá !!
November 29, 2022 App Interview

Hoy entrevisté a Karina Carroll conocida como mi mamá de 39 años. Ella me compartió algunas experiencias de su vida, de su infancia y actual. Los invito a que escuchen lo que ella tiene por compartirles y lo disfruten tanto...

Colombian Traditional Healer

An American farmer and peacemaker encounters a traditional Colombian healer while witnessing for peace in 2002 during a time of civil conflict.

Karin and her world travels

Karin tells about her travels and experiences. She gives insight to what it’s like to live in a different culture

Mom’s experience of moving to the US from Colombia

Gloria explains how it was like for her moving to the US to work after living in Colombia

Remembering the Space Shuttle Colombia

Discusses the Space Shuttle Colombia that disintegrated while reentering the atmosphere in 2003.

Walter Davis and Bill Fields

Life Partners Walter Davis (64) and Bill Fields (55) talk about the one room school houses, the Peace Corps, their Unitarian Universalist Church, and other places where they’ve found a sense of community and what the word means to them.

Mother growing up in Colombia

My mother Alcira (56) and I Vanessa (18) discussed about how and when she got to the U.S. We also talked about her funny, wild and interesting life when she was growing up in the beautiful country of Colombia!

Don Wynn

This interview is about two of his projects as a consultant and about his passion for cars.

Historia de Sonia

Sonia talks about her family and having to move away from Colombia. She describes some of her favorite things from Colombia and what she misses. Sonia also talks about childhood and her years at high school and what she likes...

Interview with mom

We talked mostly about my moms future and past.

Interviewing Carolina Delatorre , my mother , and best friend.
November 28, 2017 App Interview

A mother, 40, discusses her life in a nut shell in 7 min interview. Carolina Delatorre talks about childhood , upbringing , memories and gives helpful fulfilling advice.

Colombian protest

A interview over the protests going on in Colombia

Colombian Stories

Ramon interviews his girlfriend and asks her about her life in Colombia.

Social Studies project

I asked my mom questions about living in Colombia and about immigrating here

Elizabeth Guaracao and Anna Guaracao

Elizabeth Guaracao (67) speaks with her daughter, Anna Guaracao (23), about her immigration story from Colombia to the United States and her first couple of years living in Philadelphia with her oldest daughter, Gabriela. She shares a reflection on what...