Thanksgiving Listen with Tatum and Kathleen Nyhuis

In this interview I, Tatum talk with my grandma about everything from her scholarships to college to her experience having breast cancer as a young mother.

The Life and times of Rich Patragnoni.

Interview with Rich Patragnoni on nov 29, 2020. We discuss what life was like for him when he was younger and recap the memories of his life.

Iyesatta Massaquoi Emeli and Joseph Massaquoi

Iyesatta Massaquoi Emeli (47) talks to her brother, Joseph Massaquoi (50) about their childhood in Sierra Leone

Defecting from Czechoslovakia with Irene Rosen and Kristin Koznarsky

Irene Rosen defected from Czechoslovakia at 11 years old. Her family’s clever escape from the Communist regime showcases the trials and tribulations of immigrants in the 1970’s. She reflects on her experience and elaborates on her unique story.

Interviewing my mother, Clara Hoyt.

Interesting take on my mom’s immigrant family and how she had to grow up quickly to provide for me.

James’ love for Volkswagens

A boy discusses his love for automobiles, and Volkswagens in particular. Everything from miles per gallon to smiles per gallon is discussed.

Teen girl interview

Three girls discuss growing up, regrets and all the dumb stuff they have done


Imagine a world where it was weird to be straight. Women and women, man and man, women and man, it didn’t matter the pair, anyone could have a child. It just happened to be that pairs of the same sex...

Dad. 12/1/19

My dad and I haven’t had the best relationship, but we’ve been trying restore our bond, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to talk! We had really good chats about his childhood and our current lives; my lovely dog...

Deeper dive into Jim Walsh’s childhood

I am one of Jim Walsh’s 13 grand children, and he is 74 years old. He used to be a kid who like to have fun, thus he has interesting, and amusing anecdotes from his youth.

dad interview

I sit down to discuss my fathers past and unique upbringing that is still difficult to talk about.

Occupations; through ages and stages

Discussing occupations, youth, and school to overall conclude with: the lessons learned from working!

James’ love for Volkswagens

An interview about a boy’s love for cars, and Volkswagens in particular. Everything from miles per gallon to smiles per gallon is talked over.

Shippensburg University Student Life and the 1994 Blizzard

Diana Borkenhagen (49) talks with her daughter Hannah Borkenhagen (21) about her experience at Shippensburg University in the 1990s, and how it compares to Hannah's experience at SU in the 2020s.

Motherly Love

I ask my mom about her view of a life changing moment she has observed me go through.