StoryCorps College Success Final Take

Trevor tells a story about how relationships can come together to help others in their darkest times.

Stella Hodgkins, Theophilus Gregory, and William Hybl

Colleagues Stella Hodgkins (48), Theophilus Gregory (69), and William “Bill” J. Hybl [no age given] come together to discuss their impact-focused work at the El Pomar Foundation, particularly their dedication to convening and empowering communities of color.

UMD Activation Academy Storytelling

Samantha is a sorority member who grew up in a church and is passionate about Women’s Health.

Cheverus High School Stag Stories: Roman Pavlik

John Kerry, a member of the Cheverus Class of 1992, is interviewed by Tyson Matthews on his early life moving around the world, settling at Cheverus for a unique experience, and finding the career that fits him: real estate.

Being Your Best

Austin Cain shared about his path to becoming a Special Education teacher, and the influence of role models and personal goals in his life.

Mirae’s Community

I interviewed Mirae Mastroonardo on her experiences living in Park Ridge, IL and what kind of community Park Ridge is

Crystal DeBerry, Kristy Smith, and Torey DeBerry

Crystal DeBerry (40) talked with her board members Kristy Smith (45) and Torey DeBerry (43) about the creation of Indomitable Families Affected by Incarceration (IFAM). They discuss why they started and continue this work.

CSI Nyack – Warren Gould Interview
October 30, 2022 App Interview

Stella Freuman, age 11, interviews Warren Gould, age 76 about his experiences growing up in Nyack, NY and attending Congregation Sons of Israel. For her Bat Mitzvah project, Stella is chronicling the history of the synagogue where she is currently...

Steve Hayashi and Jason Dare: Stories from school to volunteering

Board of Directors Storytelling Project: Our second Storycorps conversation is between SFV Board Members Steve Hayashi (78) and Jason Dare (49). Amidst many laughs, they speak about how their paths led them to SFV, hobbies which included volunteering as a...

Recording – 09-17-2023 12:23:27 Renee and David The Battle with Cancer

Renee Switzer,58 is talking with David Franklin, 62. They are cousins who feel more like sister and brother. Renee has finished treatments for breast cancer who sees the silver lining. This is a story of hope!

"Magnetic fields are used in many of the devices we carry around with us." an interview with Laurie Brown

Laurie Brown, Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, has been a member of AGU for 46 years. She shares her observations on the growth of paleomagnetism at AGU and its importance in helping address climate. She also discusses how...

Jane Wolery talks about her memories of the Joplin, Montana Community Hall and “the importance of a place for people to gather.”

Jane Wolery talks about her memories of the Joplin, Montana Community Hall as a way to build community; "I think about the importance of a place for people to gather in communities halls are so fundamental" to a thriving...

“Pulling with Faith”- A Firsthand Hukilau Experience with Sister Kekela Miller

In this interview with Sister Miller, we talked about the origins of the Hukilau performed by the people of Laie. Auntie Kela (Sister Miller) shared her experience as a youth serving, dancing, and preparing for the Hukilaus. Auntie Kela shared...

Social Media in 2019

Arthur is talks about how social media is affecting this generation in 2019

Andrey MacCracken & Harold "Bear" Cubbage

Andrey's mother died in childbirth and his father died on his way to the hospital. Andrey and his brother went to live their grandparents. At 8 y-o, Andreys grandparents could no longer afford to care for both boys and Andrey...

Interview with Dr Peters

Talked about childhood life and rise to her career today

Neelima Rani Dittakavi, Anil Revuru, Nimeesha Revuru, Akanksha Revuru

The National holiday of Holi in India is a celebration of Good over Evil. For that one day all is forgiven and forgotten. Where family, friends, communities and people gather with bonfires, sweets, food and a cultural drink in a...

Karen Kiely and Sandra May

Karen Kiely (57) shares a conversation with her mother, Sandra May (81), about Sandra’s childhood, her family, her friends, and the lessons she has learned in her life.

Community health and belonging with Anita Ihuman

Measuring community health reveals challenges people experience in contributing. Anita Ihuman explains how to build awareness and leverage existing solutions for greater belonging in open source. What you measure, you can see and change!

Kelsey Barnes and Kyana Sanchez Rodarte

Friends, colleagues, and current college students Kelsey Barnes (19) and Kyana Sanchez Rodarte (19) share a conversation about protecting and celebrating Black hair and expression. They also talk about their work as youth leaders on anti-hair discrimination legislation and supporting...