Rob St. Clair and Stephen Scott

Rob St. Clair (73) sits down with his friend and fellow writer, Stephen "Steve" Scott (79), to ask about the multitude of adventures Stephen has undertaken throughout his life. They discuss everything from baking biscuits to serving in the U.S....

Edward Kinner and Beverly Kinner

Spouses Beverly Kinner [no age given] and Edward Kinner [no age given] talk about their involvement in the Columbus, GA community. While Edward describes the work he did on the Columbus Riverfront and Whitewater Project, Beverly shares her experiences volunteering...

Oscar Gittemeier

Though libraries were important to him as a child, Oscar Gittemeier fell into librarianship while pursuing a Masters degree in Women’s Studies. It was never on his radar to become a librarian. However, working in the East Atlanta Branch of...

Christina Vogler and Tawanna Jamison

One Small Step conversation partners Christina Vogler (65) and Tawanna Jamison (52) discuss life in the city of Columbus, Georgia, their relationship to the military, and their hopes for the future.

Angie Macon and Kevin Alarcon

Angie Macon [no age given] speaks with new acquaintance and conversation partner Kevin Alarcon (25) about her experience living in Decatur, Georgia and working as the executive director of Decatur Arts Alliance.

Finding the importance of community

Taylor Parduhn interviews Chad Fuller about his struggles in elementary school with learning disabilities and how it led him to the development of Sudbury Valley Schools and to the career path of community development. Chad discusses how important being a...