Loan Dao Student Immigrant Task Force

Learned about the student immigrant task force organization

Bridge The Gap Network

Resolving The gap between millenas and baby bloomers.

Backyard Harvest with Misty Amarena and Anne Zabala

We talked about the inspiration and mission behind the start of Backyard Harvest, a Moscow, Idaho nonprofit organization working in partnership with their community to connect those with extra fresh produce and those who need it. . And then explored...

Oral History Project Joan Dao (student immigrant task force)

Interview about the organization she created and is involved in which is the immigration student task force

Honor Flight

My mom and I talked about her work for an organization called Honor Flight where money is raised to send war veterans to see their memorials in Washington D.C.

Mi Abuelita sobre la vida en Mapimi

My grandmother talks about her time growing up in a small Mining village in Ojuela, where the Roebling brothers built one of their famous bridges

UMD Activation Academy: Guilford Run

He talked about how he has a student took advantages of the resources available on campus. He also talked about how he important it is to contribute to the community and how he would motivate others

Talk time with Rich

I was able to speak with a director at an urban program called Harlem Children Zone about his upraising and his community.

Significant Contributor to the community

Interview with Angie Christmas on being involved at Georgia Southwestern State University.

UMD Activation Academy:Guilford Run

It was great talking to him. He shared some of the wonderful experiences with us

Oral History Interview

We talked about how community has shaped my mom into the person she is today.

November 30, 2018 App Interview

Impact of Saviano’s Gomorrah.

Rural Roots, Small Farms & Local Food with Colette DePhelps

Rural Roots, Inc. has had a wide and diverse impact on small farms and local food systems on the Palouse and in the Inland Northwest. Community-based and farmer-grown, this nonprofit organization has played a significant role in changing the local...