Amy Peterburs and Jennifer Adams

Bakery owners Amy Peterburs (41) and Jennifer Adams (46) discuss their experiences in business, changes in the food service industry post-Covid, and prices, ingredients, quality of scratch baking.

My friend Jaden

Jaden and Rachael discuss a lifelong friendship and the struggles they have been through together, and Jaden’s mental health adventures.

Interview with a Food Elder

Carol Ann Sweeney aged 49. She discusses making Christmas cookies with her mom and what that means to her family.

A Plate of Cookies

A son interviews his mother about her life and wisdom, and the two share some laughs along the way.

Interview with a Food Elder

Carol Ann Sweeney discusses baking Christmas cookies with her mom, grandmother, and children.

"We were sisters, opposites in behavior, but we never argued"

This interview was conducted by Julia Sweeny (16). She talks with her nana (grandmother) and her sister (grand aunt) they discussed many components to personal childhood, parenthood, and now life. This interview includes many stories from childhood of growing up...

Mother and Daughter Talk About Growing Up

My mother and I discussed many things in this interview, but the most important to me was the way she talked about her family. She spoke about how her mother was one of the most important people in her life,...