11-year-old boy answers Quarantine questions

Hudson Dilday explains topics on coronavirus and how he’s been spending time at home.

Coronavirus Interview

This interview is about coronavirus and about how it’s affecting people and how they live.

Reflections on the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this interview my sister Ashna Ahuja, age 20, discusses her experiences with and thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic.


Attempted conversation with 8 year old daughter. Difficult being serious.

Raymond: Past, Present, and Future

A interview between siblings about growing up and the future.

Oral History Extra Credit Project

I interviewed my mom during the coronavirus pandemic and learned that she’s still working but everything got switched online so she’s having to adapt just like I am with my work as well.


we expressed our points and feeling on how we feel about covid-19.

Conversation with Asher during coronavirus.

Interview with my 9 year old son about coronavirus, quarantine and his sister and what he thinks about his life so far.

Extra Credit Narrative Assignment

Asking my little brother questions about COVID-19 for a class.

COVID-19 Effects on Community and Family

In this interview, I discuss the effects of COVID-19 on the community and the family with my father. Past similar experiences, present adaptions, and possible future effects are all highlighted.

Affects and feelings related to COVID-19

In this interview, we talked about how we are handling situations related to COVID-19

Maura Kiernan – Coronavirus Impact

In this interview, I chat with my brother about how the pandemic has impacted his education and life at the age 14.

Terry and Patricia Hammink Interview

I, Andrew Hall, interviewed my two maternal grandparents about their lives. They talked about what was most meaningful to them and how life turned out differently than they had expected.

Effects of coronavirus and the media With Oquin Robinson

Vcu student, Oquin Robinson speaks about how coronavirus has affected his personal life and his consumption of the media. Speaks about fake news in the media and what this pandemic has taught him

Part 2 of unity during coronavirus

Amelia talked about how there are two sides to the argument

Coronavirus Chats with Mom

My mom and I talk about what’s going on. We talk about what we miss and what we hope for the future.

Huitziliztli Negast- CHOICE D INTERVIEW

This interview was to gather information about how a Senior in high school is dealing with the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

Sydney Becknell Interview // 3-21-2020

I sit down with my girlfriend, Sydney Becknell, to talk about everything from mental health and the coronavirus to mothman and cold spaghetti.