Sarah Crowell and Marc Bamuthi Joseph

Friends Sarah Crowell (55) and Marc Bamuthi Joseph (44) discuss the Black (W)hole project they are working on together, how coronavirus has shifted the way in which they create their performance pieces, the importance of multi-generational mentorship and the connection...

A Pandemic Tale

I had an interview with my mother who is an essential worker at the Los Angeles catholic archdiocese about the pandemic. It is a little insight into the world of a normal family and her work.

Bennett Aaron Wilson – age 7.9

We discussed 1st grade, school, family, friends, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and the stay home requirements, and racism after George Floyd’s death by choking by the police.

Untitled Interview

In this interview Ayden Schain (18) interviews fellow senior classmate Ryan Bianchi (18) about how COVID-19 has affected his life and how he has adapted.

COVID Conversation with Celeste and Carolina

Carolina (57) talks with her daughter Celeste (17) about COVID-19 and their perspectives, memories, thoughts, and philosophies regarding the virus.

Connie Bebout and Caitlin Faulds

Connie Bebout (64) talks with her daughter Caitlin Faulds (25) about growing up in Missouri, leaving to begin a career with the Forest Service and now living through coronavirus. Recorded: 2020-04-26 17:34:08

Interview #2 (Faby)

What life is like as a health care worker during the coronavirus.

Antonio Johnson and Shanna Sigers

Shanna Sigers (54) talks to her brother, Dr. Antonio Johnson (55), about her late husband, Otis Sigers, who died from COVID-19.

Interview with Dr. Kaylan Haizlip

Discussion between Pace Academy senior Isabel Battista and Pace Academy biology teacher Dr. Kaylan Haizlip about the events of 2020, from COVID-19, to the renewed racial justice and BLM movement, to the 2020 election.

Coronavirus Quarantine

Allyson Austin’s experience during the Coronavirus Pandemic

New media project

Interview Kathy smith about the affect of coronavirus pandemic

Interview with Jack

An interview between Bridget and Jack about COVID-19 and social distancing

Covid 19 interview 2

Discussion on the impact of coronavirus on personal health and family dynamic

Interviewing in the Coronavirus

In this video, I will be interviewing my mom, Brenna Enos. I will be asking her questions about her experience with the CoronaVirus.

Truck Driving during COVID-19

An interview with my mother, Jennifer Woods, who is a truck driver during COVID-19. Truck drivers are considered essential workers during the outbreak and she works to carry freight intercontinentally.

FYS interview about the theme of pandemics with Glenna Shepard by Shelby Shepard

I interviewed Glenna Shepard for my first year seminar class at Marshall University. Our first year seminar class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories, particularly...

Corona Kilars (that is my last name)

In this interview we talked about how the coronavirus has affected us and those around us.

Interview with a Passionate Computer Science Student and Lifelong Friend

Today, my good friend Avi Ghayalod and I discuss the fields of computer science and medicine and how it has been affected by COVID-19. Furthermore, we discuss our passions and how our friendship has impacted our lives.


We talk about the coronavirus pandemic and how it’s affected the world, our lives personally, businesses, and how it will continue to affect the world going into the future.