A Walk Down Kimberly’s Childhood

I interviewed Kimberly and she told us about her most favorite childhood memories. Some of those memories were spending time with her cousins and going to Universal Studios very often with her cousin. She also mentions some childhood nicknames she...

“Jade favorites”, by Mya Mclead, an recoded interview with her cousin Jade Bayones

In this interview, conducted on November 28, 2021. Mya,11, interviews her cousin, Jade Bayones,23, about her favorites things growing up. Jade shares her favorite teachers in high school, subjects, and more. This interview was conducted for a project for psychology...

All About My Cousins Funny Life

we talked about her growing up as a funny child/teenager and our family

Houston Headed to Houston

My cousin Houston is heading to Houston, TX for her first career as an adult.

18 and 5 year old cousins bond over their love of music

Hayden Dinsmoor, 5, is interviewed by his older cousin Marisa Dinsmoor, 18. He shares his love of music inspired by Marisa’s involvement in theatre and a rock band with her friends. She has shared her favorite music with him since...


Interview with sister, talks about life, goals, and our favorite memories!

Our Lives Through Small Screens

Julia Concepcion (21) talks with her cousin, Christie Gee (42) about the different experiences they've had with television in their lives, diverse on-screen representation, and thoughts on television's future.

Interviewing an important person in my life

FJ asks Atef Jamal some question about their childhood. And how Atef Jamal saved FJ’s life directly and indirectly

Thanksgiving Break: Interviewing my paternal grandmother Maria

In this interview I discussed with my grandma her family life, the major turning points in her life, her religion, and many stories about my cousins.

Reminiscing with Jessica

Me and Jessica are cousins and we’ve always been closed and told each other everything. But doing this interview showed me that theirs so much about her that I don’t know, but it’s nice now knowing I know more about...

A Lebanese Childhood

I, Jack Marounian interviewed my dad, Arthur Marounian. I interviewed my dad a my house in Los Angeles, California. I am 15 years old and my dad is 47 years old. A 1770’s childhood in Lebanon was was way different...

My cousin Ashley

Even though I get to talk to my cousin a lot this interview reflects on life and our relationship

Growing Up

A short conversation about the struggles of high school, growing up, and knowing who you are as a person.

Thanksgiving Break Interview! with my mom and aunt!

My mom, aunt, and I talk about what it was like to be pregnant at the same time twice with girls and the best/worst parts about raising us together!

Elias is interview

My summary was about my cousin briana.