My Mother And Her Cousin

My mom and I sat down to talk about her cousin, Jackie, and her childhood experiences with her.

What is life?

I talked to my cousin about life. Started off kinda very play by play thing and ended in some of the best laughs I’ve had with her.

We Are Sisters

Growing up we would never talk to each other. Once we grew up we started to talk more and hang out. Now we have a lot of adventures together and hope to have much more with out children.

Week 8 interview

We talked about some of the past experiences in his life, and what he would’ve done different.

Tess and Sarah

Tess and I talked about how much we mean to one another, and our special relationship.

Interviewing my cousin

I interviewed my cousin about her life and her childhood. We talked about where she goes to school, her family, and her everyday life experiences.

Cousins story

It was a brief explanation about what really went down in her life . Also, some of the struggles she faced.

A Better Understanding

Just a little more info about my cousin that i didnt know and found quite interesting.


In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Portland, Texas. Blake Farr (12) interviews his grandmother Edna Leigh Betz (76) about growing up in a town they both called home. Mrs. Betz shares about the Vietnam effects on her. She...

Donato Hernandez Discussing His Life in Guatemala and the United States

In the interview, made on December 3, 2019, Donato Hernandez (39) talks about his childhood where he and his cousins/neighbors played sport (soccer) in the rain and they were blithe because they thought it is fun being in this weather,...

Kyle and Matthew interview
November 28, 2017 App Interview

Kyle and Matthew are dating and Kyle is my coolest cousin, but Matthew should be a cousin because he is so close to my family.

Trip to Australia: Discussion with Eshal and Shahan

A discussion with two of my Pakistani-Australian cousins about the similarities and differences between my life in America and there's in Melbourne, Australia.

Interview of Trevincea Bostick

Oct 18th 2020 I’m seen here interviewing one of my older 1st Cousins

COVID-19: Jackie Walther of The Square Meal

Jackie Walther and Jackie Neale talk about some of the unexpected outcomes of the coronavirus global pandemic. Jackie and her husband Dan own a short-order, take-out restaurant called The Square Meal in Oaklyn, NJ and on the heels of discussing...

Childhood Memories

Interview with cousin, sharing memories and thoughts about growing up together.

The Virtue of Hard Word

The Virtue of Hard Work is an interview with Steven Quintanilla conducted by his cousin, 14-year-old Angel Santiago in Panorama City November 10th, 2017. Steven Quintanilla is a 23-year-old father to his newborn son who attends Los Angeles Community College,...

Rachael’s childhood memories

Sabrina interviewed her cousin. Asking her about her childhood (Sabrina, 9 years old, Rachael, 9 years old)

Mary Caravalho and Christy Hightower
December 10, 2016 App Interview

Mary Caravalho's mother died young of cancer and Mary honored her mother by taking on her mother's role of staying in touch with her cousin Judy throughout Judy's life. Now Mary honors her cousin Judy by uncovering and telling the...