Interview with Rafa Castillo

This is an interview with Rafa Castillo, my cousin. Ask a few questions about himself and his life.

Common Ground Tacony: Janice Monzo-Perry

This week I interview my cousin Janice Monzo who is originally from South Philadelphia 5th & Dudley Sts, but worked all over the city with the Salvation Army for 34 years. While working for the Salvation Army Janice’s job was...

A Lebanese Childhood

I, Jack Marounian interviewed my dad, Arthur Marounian. I interviewed my dad a my house in Los Angeles, California. I am 15 years old and my dad is 47 years old. A 1770’s childhood in Lebanon was was way different...

Interviewing an important person in my life

FJ asks Atef Jamal some question about their childhood. And how Atef Jamal saved FJ’s life directly and indirectly

Thanksgiving cousins

Cousins reflected on the past year and a half since high school graduation.

Sisters Judy and Awilda talk to their great niece, Adalia, about their childhood and family life

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Roswell, Georgia, Adalia Molina (17) interviews her two great aunts, Judy (63) and Awilda(70). Throughout the interview they discuss their childhood and relationship with their other two siblings, Maggie and Jorge. They...

The Challenge of Change

My cousin Tori and I talk about her experiences moving multiple times during her childhood, how that shaped her and where she is now.

All About My Cousins Funny Life

we talked about her growing up as a funny child/teenager and our family

“She had a beautiful singing voice.”

In this clip from #TheGreatListen 2017, Pauline talks with her third cousin, Petra, about the songs her mother used to sing, and how they gave her hope. Listen to the full interview:

"Strive to be the best"

Hi my name is Kyleigh Oberman, a junior at Egg Harbor Township High School. I interviewed my mom who grew up in Egg Harbor Township her entire life. My mom is a hardworking person and strives to be the best...

Donato Hernandez Discussing His Life in Guatemala and the United States

In the interview, made on December 3, 2019, Donato Hernandez (39) talks about his childhood where he and his cousins/neighbors played sport (soccer) in the rain and they were blithe because they thought it is fun being in this weather,...

Cousins story

It was a brief explanation about what really went down in her life . Also, some of the struggles she faced.


My cousin came up Montgomery has made a huge impact on my life but show me other abilities he has had and still go through life like he is a normal kid!

I want to be remembered as someone who motivates and helps people through their hard times.

In this interview, conducted on November 22, 2018 in Marmora, New Jersey, Ava Young (16) interviews her cousin Tabitha Stauffer (19) about how, who, and what impacted her life in highschool, advice she would give to people, and how she...

Tess and Sarah

Tess and I talked about how much we mean to one another, and our special relationship.

A Better Understanding

Just a little more info about my cousin that i didnt know and found quite interesting.