Aubrey Harris and Liza Culick

Aubrey Harris (22) talks to her aunt Liza Culick (59) about her experiences as a college senior during the 2020 covid-19 pandemic.

Emotional Literacy Project

This interview is a school project conducted between me and my youngest son about his life experience.

Covid 19 summary questions (Renee Seisler)

This interview talks about the effects of Covid on an individual in my life.

Praseth Prak and Andy Lau COVID-19 Pandemic Questions

Praseth Prak and Andy Lau speak about their experiences and feelings during the covid pandemic.

Maria Palumbo

How Covid affected someone's life. Where they are now

Philip Gibbs and Offie Wortham

One Small Step conversation partners Philip Gibbs (62) and Offie Wortham (83) met virtually to talk about the civil rights movement; their opinions of former President Donald Trump; BLM; and issues of immigration, crime and fear.

Abby Ryan and Liz Ryan

An interview of a mother about her experiences during Covid-19

Covid Interview 2022

An interview between Avery Reinhold and her mother Jennifer Reinhold about the covid19 pandemic

Talk With My Mom

Talk with my mom about her work on Covid-19 vaccine trials.

Covid-19 Interview

I interview Chloe Kissling for my Covid-19 interview. I am very sorry that it was late. :(

Jules Spotts and Ethel Goldberg

Jules Spotts (82) and his love partner Ethel Goldberg (83) follow up from their last interview to share the end of their story and talk about Jules recovery from a recent diagnosis with COVID-19.

Great thanksgiving listen

COVID, 9-11, history and family background

Covid-19 2020

This interview is detailing what life is like during the pandemic of Covid-19 in the year of 2020

Covid-19 2020

An interview by a 23 year old living through a pandemic in the year of 2020. A virtual time capsule

Lumila talks about how COVID-19 is affecting her and her business.

Lou talks about how all of this is affecting her and her business. She owns a vintage online store and does everything by herself, she doesn't have employees. She used to use Instagram to promote her clothes and did vintage...

Covid-19 questions

I asked Elizabeth Padilla (my mom) questions about COVID-19 & how it has impacted her.

Ann Trenk and Lisa Rodensky

Colleagues Ann Trenk (57) and Lisa Rodensky (58) reflect, as colleagues, on how the pandemic has affected their teaching.

COVID-19 Interview

This was an interview about the COVID-19 experience

Year of Reflection Project- Randi Downey
June 22, 2022 App Interview

Mrs. Downey is a social worker in Fulton County. She had to navigate the pandemic through her job and personal life.