Caleb Werner and Robert W

Interviewing my father about his experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic

Stephanie and Elizabeth

Stephanie Gonzalez: 2020-12-18 18:51:09 Stephanie (14) interviews Elizabeth(14) (her best friend ) about 2020.

Storycorps Interview

Claudia talks with Wei Chen about COVID-19

How COVID Affected a Teenager

I decided to interview my younger sister about the pandemic. I asked her questions about her social life before the pandemic versus now and how the pandemic has affected her education.

Covid-19 StoryCorps

Covid Interview, Ayisha Nimaga age 16, Mohamed Nimaga age 45

Europe during a Pandemic

This interview involves my sister and I and our time in Europe during a pandemic! Listen to us talk about our experience and what we dealt with in Slovakia during COVID-19.

Grace Keenan talks to her grandmother Kathleen Keenan about losing a brother and friends in war, living in a pandemic, and advice

In this interview, conducted on November 24, 2020 in New Hampshire, Grace Keenan interviews her grandmother Kathleen Keenan about some of her childhood experiences. Kathleen (Kathy) talks about what is was like losing a brother in the Korean War in...

Erica Caneco and Kate Caneco

Erica Caneco of Middletown, DE talks with Kate Caneco of Staten Island, NY about her experience as a nurse who worked in a NYC hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic.

D'khori Sturkey and A.J. McClenon

A.J. McClenon (34) interviews their mentee D'Khori Sturkey (18) about their pasts, present, and hopes for their futures as well as what they'd want to change about themselves.

Kathy Jacquart and Patricia Jacquart

Kathy: 2020-05-27 23:28:00 Kathy Jacquart (53) talks with her mother, Patricia Jacquart, about her life, her education, her teaching career and her thoughts on the covid-19 pandemic. Patricia share fond memories, lessons learned and advice for future generations.

COVID-19 on Adolescent Development in an All-Girls Catholic School

Today we will get an in-depth look into the COVID-19 adolescent experiences and the effect of online learning on the adolescent experience. Focusing on the themes of socialization, storm and stress and Piaget’s action & interaction theories on cognitive development,...

Deeptha Ganesh and Mahathi Gopinathan

Deeptha Ganesh (17) talks with her friend Mahathi Gopinathan (17) about her experience navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and the college application process.

Kea and Fabi Corso

Kea Corso (15) talks with her sister Fabi Corso (14) about her life during COVID-19.

Kristen Alhareedi and Amanda Lawrence

One Small Step conversation partners Kristen Alhareedi (36) and Amanda Lawrence (35) discuss the 2020 election, the COVID-19 pandemic, and how politics has affected their relationships with family members.

Mohammed Charara and Nora Sharba

Best friends Mohammed Charara (22) and Nora Sharba (20) compare their upbringings in different parts of Michigan and talk about their sense of belonging in the Arab-American community. The two remember meeting at the University of Michigan, studying together, and...

Kit Bredimus and Heather Bredimus

Dr. Kit Bredimus (37), a healthcare professional, and his spouse, Heather Bredimus (37), reflect on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their lives, their family, and their community.

Laura Beth Walker and Dorothy Fitts

Laura Beth Walker (48) shares a conversation with her colleague Dorothy Fitts (77) about the meaning of the Oxford Library to their community and the importance of the services it provides.

Robin Freeland Ingenthron and Diane Snelling

One Small Step conversation partners Diane Snelling (69) and Robin Ingenthron (59) talk about the environment, government regulations, recycling and renewables, and Act 250.


I interviewed my mom about what life was like during quarantine.

Sarah Berman and Gail Sinai

Rabbi Sarah Berman (41) and her friend and congregant, Gail Sinai (61) share their professional and spiritual journeys and their experience during and immediately after the Covid pandemic.