Growing up

Josh Allard and his mom Anna Ramirez talk about life, turning 16, camp Woodward and life post Covid19. It’s his birthday today

Covid-19 Interview

An interview with Cheri Gelsinger (44) about her job at a hospital during the pandemic and Sarah Gelsinger (10) about how the pandemic has affected her life as a kid.

Covid19 Interview

In this interview, I talk with my mother (Michelle Houck age 48) about Covid19. She shares her thoughts on the pandemic and overall how Covid impacted her life.

Sabrina Carver and Rachel Erickson

Sabrina (44) and Rachel (36) talk about what brought them to Providence as young CNAs and the Mission that has kept them here as they have developed their nursing careers. Includes stories of loss, grief, and the support they received...

Living Through The Pandemic

Sawyer Carmack interviews his Grandad, Gaylen Laing, about life during the Covid Pandemic

Life during Covid19

I interview my dad on his thoughts about the pandemic

Life During the Pandemic: Irene Morales

After living through a pandemic since March 2020, five people share their unique experiences and how the COVID-19 outbreak has affected their lifestyle, mental health, physical health, views, etc. August 29, 2020

Quinn Martinez Talks About Life
September 4, 2020 App Interview

Listen to this outstanding 14 year old reflection on 2020 topics and teenagerhood. We had a Part 1 to this interview but it accidentally got deleted. So here’s the second half but it’s great. You should listen to it!

Richard Baker and Sierra Grissom: From the Airforce to COVID-19

Sierra Grissom (18) interviews her grandfather, Richard Baker, to hear about his experiences throughout his life. The conversation goes from a story of a young man who joined the military to provide for himself and his young wife to a...

Covid-19: Joe Muldoon of Haddon Culinary

Jackie Neale interviews Haddon Culinary chef-owner and friend, Joe Muldoon during the Covid-19 global pandemic. Joe speaks to the fact that his business only just opened 4 months before the stay-at-home order given by the President of the U.S. and...

Frida Lopez and how the COVID19 virus has affected her

frida talked about how the covid19 virus has affected her and the recent passing of her aunt.

FYS interview about the theme of pandemics with Glenna Shepard by Shelby Shepard

I interviewed Glenna Shepard for my first year seminar class at Marshall University. Our first year seminar class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories, particularly...

Yushin Kim interviews Cailey Beck

Yushin Kim (17) interviews his friend Cailey Beck on swimming, being the villain in another person's story, and the many incredibly stupid people in this world.

The Covid-19 Pandemic

My interviewee was my mother, Zara Pakroo. She is 51 years old. I interviewed her about the Covid-19 pandemic, more specifically the government’s handling of it and how she has felt with precautions and safety measures.

Talia Berger interviewing Haley Geffen

This was an interview about what it is like to live in New York City during the Corona pandemic