Interview time with granny

The overview of life and the moments shared are important. You should always believe in Christ and put him first in everything you do!

Noel and Grandma LeQuetta’s Interview

This interview is on my grandma and her life experiences, thoughts, and people who impacted her life.


She’s is a wonderful woman that has opened my eyes to many things I was oblivious to.

Zayra Marquez Interviews co-worker Wanda

In this Interview, Zayra Marquez interviews her co-worker, Wanda. They both work at Dunkin Donuts. They talk about Wanda’s kids and work.

My grandma’s dilemas

My grandma explained to me about how she had to lay off her workers and why.

Theology Project

We talked about my family and a few things about her work. I learned some thins I did not know about my mom

Bertha and cesars life growing

My parents talked about what their life was like growing up and who inspired them growing up. Also they talked about when they first meet and what their favorite memories together have been.

Sherry Walker and Nikki McPherson

Nikki McPherson (39) interviews her friend and co-worker Sherry Walker (60) about her life, her values, and her beliefs.

Career choices

We discussed our career choices and how those choices affect our day to day lives.

Anthropology 101

Questions about childhood, work and god.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview With My Mom

I ask my mother about her experiences growing up in Mexico and raising 3 kids plus working day and night. She believes in working hard and standing up for what you believe in. She worked very hard to be where...

Jordan Menard and his mom, Jenny Menard talk about childhood, growing up, work life, and experiences with each other.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Austin, Texas, Jordan Menard (16) interviews his friend and mother Jenny Menard (47) about her childhood and overall life. Mrs. Menard shares stories about growing up and things she did when she...

Life story with my mom

My mom talked about her life as a young adult of how much she enjoyed in the Philippines with her friends and family. Discussed our current family and other goals she succeed in.

Marc Jones interviewing Jennifer Fredriksen (his mother)

In this interview, Marc asks his mother, Jennifer, about his birth, her childhood and her work experiences. She talks about how he was a day overdue and how her worst memory is not being let in to see him. Quite...

Kathleen Davies

This is an interview with Kathleen Davies about the life she has lived so far with her two kids and husband. She has worked in claims and lived in a close knit family.

Buddy program for individuals with HIV/AIDS in the early days

Establishing the buddy program in the late 1980s for individuals with HIV/AIDS in the Midwest. Discusses challenges and how the community addressed those challenges.

Matthew Sears

This interview was very interesting because I learned new things about this person.