Cheryl Montgomery and Emily Feldman

[Recorded Thursday, February 9th, 2023] Cheryl (50) and Emily (62) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Cheryl, originally from Culpeper, Virginia and now residing in Fluvanna County, works in clinical research coordination at UVA after working at...

Joanna & Jasmine: the Learning of Systemic Racism in the United States

Joanna Yang: 2020-07-26 20:25:16 Joanna (20) interviews Jasmine (24) on her experiences as a first-generation Chinese American in the United States as well as her developing understanding of systemic racism in the country. Generational differences and the role of social...

Jessica Rhodus and Jose Saez

One Small Step participants Jessica Rhodus (46) and Jose Saez Jr. (26) talk about the importance of parenthood, faith, and their differing perspectives on public education.

Dayo Ayodele and Donna Kovaleski

Spouses Dayo Ayodele [no age given] and Donna Kovaleski [no age given] discuss their upbringings, the importance of celebrating cultural diversity, and the evolution of Global Lounge.

Dolores Sheff and Nancy Jones

One Small Step conversation partners Dolores Sheff (63) and Nancy Jones (70) discuss voting for different parties, but sharing many common interests and opinions around being compassionate towards others, education, money in politics, abortion, gun control, anti-depressants and joy.

Linda Green and Mark Green

Spouses Linda Green (68) and Mark Green (67) talk about their experiences with the military. They discuss being in the Air Force band.

Delilah Ramos and Frederic Winkler

New friends Delilah Ramos (27) and Frederic Winkler (40) talk about foster care, cultural diversity, and collaborating with other artists.

Carson Goh and Keli Hubert

One Small Step conversation partners Carson Goh (20) and Keli Hubert (22) discuss expressing their views on campus, feeling misunderstood, and the biggest challenges facing their generation.

“I really enjoy all the traditions of India.”

Divya Singh is an 18-year-old Indian American who is in her senior year at IMPACT Early College High School in Baytown, Texas. Her parents emigrated from India about two years before she was born. Divya discusses what it was like...

Carol Burch and Denise Ellis

One Small Step conversation partners Denise Ellis (70) and Carol Burch (82) discuss Buddhism and yoga, growing older, and what about their own political "side" makes them uncomfortable.

Culture Class in Public Schools

Helen Mangefel (83) talks with her daughter Martina Mangefel (53) about her experiences as a teacher back in the 1950s and what they taught at the public schools. Helen also talks about what she feels should be taught in the...

A 9 year olds perspective on today’s world 2019

I recorded this interview with my 9 year old for a cultural diversity class requirement. I was interested with everything that is going on in today's world how much he is taking in and his views on the world today.

Carolyn Head and William "Dennis" Head

Carolyn Head (74) speaks with her son William "Dennis" Head [no age given] to remember her friend Nina Katz, a survivor of the Holocaust who left a memorable impact on her life.

Shuichi Sasaki and Patricia Harvey

Schuichi Sasaki (74) and Patricia "Pat" Harvey (80), co-workers at the Kikkoman factory in Walworth, Wisconsin, share a conversation about their experiences at the first Kikkoman plant outside of Japan, their long-held friendship, and their lives.