Chat with Mom Mom

We discussed things from childhoods and current day, dealing with topics of identical twins, religious influences, and the impact of others.

Bilal Yousuf and Sami Imam discuss the influence and effects of reading.

In this interview, we discussed Sami’s reading history and how it’s affected his choice of literature today. We also discuss the effects reading has had on Sami’s thoughts, and some other insights stemming from literature.

Ralph Miesel and Jace Danielewicz's thoughts on the Covid-19 Pandemic

Jace Danielewicz, 15, interviews and has a discussion with grandfather Ralph "Pops" Miesel regarding the current global pandemic of Covid-19. Ralph offers good insight into how it has affected his life and views on the world around us.

Emma Monsante and her mother, Tara

Emma Monsante (19) interviews her mother Tara Buchholz (45) about her life and what she has accomplished. Emma asks what her mother hopes is best for her, and how she has overcome the hard things in her life.

Mroom interview 1

Talking about important issues happening off campus and how they affect students on campus

Mary Ann Warren

Thanksgiving with Mary Ann Warren

Interview with my Dad

We talked about my birth and my childhood and his high school experiences and about our last name and we talked to our future selves and we made this interview into a time capsul!

Grace Kemmerly and Lexi Pasternak

Grace Kemmerly: 2021-04-19 00:24:59 Grace Kemmerly (18) and Lexi Pasternak (16) discuss their opinions and views on topics including the political environment in the US, immigration, and taxation.