A Year and a Half Later

Learn a little bit about Emily Wilcox and her relationship with me, Sam Cargill!

Quarantine date

Getting to know your partner in quarantine after 6 months of dating is a lovely adventure!

Telling My Berkeley Courtship Story

My mom tells the story of first meeting - then marrying - my dad.

Interview with my Cousin Lilian

We spoke about how Lilian and her partner met, how they feel about each other, and the long terms plan they have together.

“From her junior year of high school on, we’ve been best buddies.”

They were living in Seguin, Texas, when they met at a high school dance. After 55 years of marriage, Harvey Oyler talks about the secret to his long relationship with wife, Ann.

Two 20 year olds

A couple dating for three and half years have an interview for my class!

Life Stories with Nana

Nana tells us about her children’s (our parents) dating lives. We also talk about what we are thankful for.

I Need A Man

The story of how my parents met when Mom needed help buying a car after moving from rural Virginia to Southern California for graduate school.

5 June 2019 Louise Crumpacker

In this interview mom talks about where and how she met dad, stories from their courting and their wedding day

Grandmommy’s Story

A girl who was always at the top of class, who was destined for college (thanks to her mom), and who met the love of her life at nursing school.

Libby Harrington and Josephine Potter

Libby Harrington (44) interviewed Josephine Potter (38) about the impact her former husband's incarceration had on her young family.

Interview for class

Asking my friend Katie about life and love.

Love & Dating Interview with Amanda

This interview is with a friend, Amanda, who is in her late 30’s. She is a dance teacher from New Jersey who shares her views, opinions, and experiences on love and dating

“I’d do it again in a heartbeat”

This story is told by Ellie Carlson about how she met the love of her life, while being interviewed by Abbie Carlson. This story goes through the process of explaining a love that has lasted for 62 years, and how...

Dating in a Small Town

Layne Champion-Schumacher talks to her son, Noah Ackerman, about what dating was like growing up. She talks about what dates were like in a small town and what dating was like for her in college.

Caroline Wilkerson and Robby Espano

Caroline Wilkerson (21) and her boyfriend, Robby Espano (21), discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic affected their relationship, their family lives, and their lives as students.