My Father’s Thoughts

Hayley Lin interviews her father, Mark Lin, and asks him about his thoughts on himself and her. They talked about topics that they would never bring up.

Dad about Annie pt.2

I interviewed my dad about my youngest sister, Annie. I will give it to her for her 32nd birthday.

Mother’s story

Daughter sits down with mom to talk about life before coming to the U.S.

Delia the Doll

Learn the story of the mystery of the Doll passed 4 generations in the matrilineal line.

Aga Interview

Talking to my grandmother about her life and childhood especially.

My daughter through the eyes of a 10 year old

Enjoying hearing about the views and thoughts from my 10 year old daughter

Rowan Brady and her mom talk about their lives and goals for the future in Highlands ranch, Colorado.

In this interview,conducted on May 2019 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Rowan Brady(13) interviews her mom(50) about her childhood, job and her goals for the future. Mrs. Brady shares stories about how her childhood differs from her life now. She also...

Mom, Daughter, and Life

Listening to my mothers wisdom during a tough time in my life.

Interview with my daughter

I asked my daughter questions about growing up and some of her memories. She is 15. You can see her and her little sister Paige in the photo.

Carol Mole and her granddaughter Julia Argilan talk about growing up in Massachusetts and raising two daughters.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Crownsville, Maryland, Julia Argilan (13) interviews her grandmother Carol Mole (77) about her childhood in Massachusetts and raising her two daughters. Carol shares stories about what people did for fun in the...

“What Are You?”

Sitting down with my mother and discussing what it was like growing up Native American, the culture shock that comes from moving from a big city to a small town, and opinions on why Native history and education is important...

My Two-Year-Old Saves the Day

This is a story about the first formative experience I had as a new father.

Emily interviews her grandmother Sally about her childhood and motherhood.

In the interview that takes place in Annapolis Maryland in December of 2019 between Emily and her grandmother Sally, they begin talking about her favorite memories. As we dive in more you find out more about Sally’s childhood and some...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Drew and Mom

This interview was conducted by Drew (me) and my Mother (Nora). Today I interviewed my mom in order to get a better insight as to who she is and find out more about what connects us both to one each...