Coming Home from Deployment.

Talking to my best friend about the day she came home and how it made her feel and how it changed her perspective.

Captain Barnes

I asked my dad a few questions about him and his life.

(Roland) Gabe Sevigny and Hazel Diaz

Hazel Diaz (32) interviews new acquaintance Gabe Sevigny (34) about losing his friend Kyle while they were deployed in Iraq, and the support of family and friends.

Holiday Hanna

Holiday Hanna, (56), talks with his daughter about his time deployed in Iraq with the U.S. Military.

Kimberly Taylor and Patrick Scovel

Kim (28) talks to her boyfriend Patrick (28) about how they met, her fallen fiance, and loving again.

Leslie Carroll and Michael Carroll

Spouses Leslie Carroll (60) and Michael Carroll (61) discuss their experience as dual military spouses, their respective careers in the military, and their experiences during the Gulf War.

Interview with my husband, Brad Lones by Monica Lones

This interview was an attempt to continue learning about my husband, even after being married for 10 years; that I would be able to learn more about the person he is and has become through a recommitment to listen more.

Joe Langford, former Air Force crew chief, shares his experience being in the United States Air Force.

Joe Langford, an Iraq and Operation Enduring Freedom veteran, shares his story in an interview with high school sophomore Savannah McCool. Langford speaks on his deployment, his retirement from the military, and the difference between military and civilian life.

Randy Ware

Randy served in the Navy as an IT specialist for 22 years and, for a 2 year period, was the only person in the entire Navy able to troubleshoot and resolve issues with aviation maintenance software. Ironically, his skills in...

My Dad and the Khobar Tower Bombing

Talking to my dad about his time in the Air Force and the Khobar Tower Bombing

Military Family

Gabby Germann (16) of Egg Harbor Township, NJ speaks with her father, James Germann (47) about his military service on November 24, 2018. In this interview they begin by discussing James background with the military. It then goes on to...

Allison Butts and Diane Langham-Butts

Diane Langham-Butts (75) interviews her daughter, Allison Butts (40), about her experience as a woman in the Army and her military service and accomplishments.

Tamara Geyer and Hazel Diaz

Tamara Geyer (42) speaks to conversation partner Hazel Diaz (36) about her childhood and the difficult circumstances that led her to join the Marine Corps. She talks about the loss of her parents, the lack of opportunity that she experienced,...

Get to know Carly Vohs!

This is about Carly and her experience in the military as well as her personal life

Army Reserve and NYPD Life Experiences

December 15, 2019 in New Hope, PA, Reagan Chrencik interviewed Larry Alfano. He is an army reserve and former member of the NYPD. He has been deployed and traveled around the world for work. Larry’s job in the NYPD was...

Devin Brisbois and Amanda Brisbois

Amanda Brisbois (33) interviews her husband Devin Brisbois (37) about his first two military deployments as a U.S. Army Reservist. Devin recently found out that he will be deployed for a third time; they talk about the impact this has...