Struggling with Depression in College

We talked about struggling with depression in college and going to therapy for it. Also certain struggles in her life that have shaped her today.


This is an interview on Chris experiences and thoughts on suicide and depression

Yeh yeh
December 25, 2017 App Interview

A life of hardship, happiness and learning. A story worth knowing.

Suzanne Greif and Daniel Enger

Suzanne Greif () tells Daniel Enger () her life story, one filled with a love for art and animal rescue, as well as mental health and substance abuse challenges.

Creating a racial justice hero: Rachel Willis of Elevating Equity

This interview details how racial justice advocate Rachel Willis became who she is today as well as the personal and professional battles she faces everyday to create a flourishing legacy for herself and her country.

Living Through Pain

Sometimes we forget family goes through it too. Do we grow to cope the same or to be different? If you are to lose your loved today, will you remember them how they wanted to be or as you grew...

Ron McKnight and Cara Aguilera

Ron McKnight (78) talks to Providence staff person Cara Aguilera (61) about growing up post-WWII in Missouri and Chicago, difficult childhood memories and being informally adopted by another couple. Ron also talks about his love of reading and reuniting with...

Jacqueline Smith and Alison Leras

Jacqueline and Alison discuss Jacqueline's journey to becoming a Home Health Social worker, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted her patients and herself.

An interview with my amazing mom

This interview took place in Egg Harbor Twp, New Jersey which is where my mother, Jennifer Rando grew up. My mom was able to show me what life was like back then in the interview. She was able to compare...

My grandpa

Me and my grandpa Richard Riha talked about his life story on Monday April 23rd 2018. He told me how he lived it and what made it great and what made his life worth living is definitely the family he...


Our life stories of how we have came so far

Shades of Grief

Everyone must deal with grief and how we endure that process looks different at different times in our lives. We grieve on the level we love as our appreciation grows for the capacity that loss filled. We can respect the...

Ambassador Dr. Sharron J. Brown"How I found the power of my voice"

In this interview, conducted on June 15, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. LC Myles Jr. (73) interviews his wife Ambassador Dr. Sharron J. Brown (51) about her childhood in the city of Memphis and her journey though Human Trafficking. She...

Sarah Underwood and Lea Zikmund

Sarah Underwood (33) talks with StoryCorps facilitator Lea Zikmund (23) about her relationship and journey with mental illness.

Destiny Brown and Nancy Zook

Destiny Brown (18) talks to her teacher, Nancy Zook (55), about her life, her family, her experience at CCA Academy, and her plans for the future after graduation.

December 13, 2019 App Interview

Resisting my ex stepmom

Interview Session with my Father

hey I’m Blaez and this is a session with my father

Great thanksgiving listen

My grandma talking about her childhood and my moms childhood


Brandon in this interview basically showed himself and talked about himself and his sense of humor and about his life and advice he gives and what a generous person he is.

Emily interviews her grandmother Sally about her childhood and motherhood.

In the interview that takes place in Annapolis Maryland in December of 2019 between Emily and her grandmother Sally, they begin talking about her favorite memories. As we dive in more you find out more about Sally’s childhood and some...