Cabin on the land

Summer breaks are typically associated with activities and seeing friends, these are not as easily accomplished while living in an isolated cabin far away from society. On November 26th, 2017 in Los Angeles, California Desi Reed interviewed his father, Christopher...

Thanksgiving Talk !!!

During this interview I learned a lot about the person that I was interviewing. I learned there passion there accomplishments Even learned the explanations of why this person is the way they are. Taking the time so sit down and...

My dads life

My dad and I talk about his life back then, his proposal and whether life is better or worse.

Interviewing my Dad
December 3, 2019 App Interview

In this interview my dad talks about how life was like growing up in Ghana

a change

a mom where she had to move cities to be reunited with her family. but it came with a big change.

My parents life

This story is about my parents life, their childhood, their first job, how they meet each other and more. But the thing that got my attention more is that my mom was crying willed she was telling her story. My...

Exchange student expierence

chiara describes her expierence as being an exchange student here in california


She was kinda busy so it had to short.

My mom and I

We talked about my mom life on the farm. Then we talked about life in californa and how that was different for her.

Growing up in the 1970’s

Just how different do you believe the 70’s were? To answer your question they are very different. The people did not even dress the same as people now. Imagine living in a time where there was so little technology that...

Interview #3

This interview was a very nice experience.