Maya Hale and Christopher Mason-Hale

Siblings Maya Hale (24) and Christopher Mason-Hale (29) discuss Chris's quadriplegia, and how the accident that caused it has affected their lives.

Richard Dice and Robert Bolton

One Small Step partners Richard "Dick" Dice (77) and Robert Bolton (67) discuss adoption, younger generations, and divisiveness caused by social media.

Anne Matava and Randi [No Name Given]

One Small Step conversation partners Randi [No Name Given] (23) and Anne Matava (60) talk about their parents, disability, recovery, trans and nonbinary identities, generational differences, history, and their hopes for the future.

Jennifer Kucera & Sarah Quinto

Jennifer shared her story about the barriers to healthcare she and others living with a disability face every day when they seek to get the healthcare they need. This has led her to becoming an advocate for health equity for...

From 1984 to Now

My dad and I talk about his disability, and how his life is since becoming disabled.

The journey to becoming a maintainer with Jessica Tegner

How does one pick up the maintainership baton? Turns out that you can ask for it! Jessica Tegner tells the story of how she went from contributing to pypandoc to being the maintainer of it, and the pressures that come...

Delilah Righter and Alicia Bennett

Delilah Righter (24) interviews her conversation partner Alicia Bennett (49) about her life, having a disability, and life in Utah.

Speak power to Truth project with Colleen Bowen

In multiple schools, Colleen Bowen has helped many children with both mental and physical disabilities. In this interview she explains how she got involved, the patience it takes, and the lessons she’s learned though her former job.

Luke Alvarez: They Will Surf Again

Luke Alvarez is a science teacher at Carusi Middle School in Cherry Hill, surfer and board shaper. Local to Tuckerton, NJ, Luke also runs a small business where he creates surf boards. Luke makes adaptable surf boards for people with...

Jeiri Flores and Luticha Doucette

"Twins" and friends Jeiri Flores (31) and Luticha Doucette (38) share a conversation about disability rights, activism, and representation in the United States, and reflect on their own experiences as people with disabilities.

Elizabeth Denehie and Ellen Murphey

One Small Step partners Ellen Murphey (63) and Elizabeth Denehie (48) discuss their upbringing, their families, and their partners. Ellen talks about their experience as a queer person. Elizabeth talks about her experience as a disabled person and a caretaker.

Annie Stafford and Michael Hentges

Friends Annie Stafford (72) and Michael Hentges (73) recall their time together at Innisfree Village and reflect on the lessons and values they gained from their experience.

Sophie Dalfonzo and her grandmother Pearl Siegel talk about Pearl’s life as an immigrant living in America.

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2017 in Middletown, New Jersey, Sophie Dalfonzo (14) interviews her grandmother Pearl Siegel (70) about her life story. Ms. Siegel talks about how her family traveled from Poland to Germany to America and...

The truth about the foster care system from a disability standpoint

In and out of the foster care system her whole life Shay defeats the odds or beats the odds. In fact her goal is to make a difference from a disability standpoint in the foster care system

Daniel Chang and Michael Chang

Daniel Chang (30) speaks with his brother, Michael Chang (28), about Daniel's experience with autism and IBS.

Kelli Dickerson and Carol Hilborn

One Small Step conversation partners Kelli Dickerson (45) and Carol Hilborn (65) met virtually to discuss the growing political divide and their shared hope that people can find common ground. They both discuss their connection to Mississippi, parenthood and how...