Philip Georgy and Andrew Moore

Philip Georgy (66) speaks with Andrew Moore (31) about the impact Dr. Moore had on his care and shared his profound gratitude for a renewed sense of life.

Ysolde Stienon and Audrey Stienon

Sisters Ysolde Stienon [no age given] and Audrey Stienon (30) discuss the importance of objects that make life better, such as Ysolde's Tobii tool. They also reflect on the importance of accessibility and self-advocacy for disabled people.

Kathleen Kiley and Leroy Moore Jr.

Leroy Moore Jr. (53) is interviewed by his friend, Kathleen Kiley (59), about the process of co-creating Krip-Hop, a music collective and label for artists with disabilities. They discuss the importance of visibility for hip-hop musicians with disabilities and the...

Christine Deel and Kelly Jacobs

Christine Deel [no age given] talks to One Small Step partner, Kelly Jacob [no age given], about their political and social involvement in their communities and so on.

Kelli Dickerson and Carol Hilborn
September 13, 2021 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Kelli Dickerson (45) Carol Hilborn (65) met virtually to discuss the growing political divide and their shared hope that people can find common ground. They both discuss their connection to Mississippi, parenthood and how communicating...

Daniel Chang and Michael Chang

Daniel Chang (30) speaks with his brother, Michael Chang (28), about Daniel's experience with autism and IBS.

Patrick Crump and Andy Crump

Brothers Patrick Crump (63) and Andy Crump [no age given] discuss their shared childhood, how disability has impacted their lives, and their experiences with Innisfree Village.

Nicole Hiers and Ruth Jones

Nicole Hiers (35) shares a conversation with her mother, Ruth Jones (65), about a sudden storm that destroyed their home in 2012, and the challenges their family faced afterwards.

Lezlie Frye and Martina Bianchi Frye: Celebrating (Non-Binary) Parents Day

Lezlie Frye: 2020-05-10 17:54:31 Lezlie Frye (41) talks with her mother, Martina Bianchi Frye (77) about motherhood, having a disabled child, being a disabled adult, and the joys and sorrows of parenting.

Duong Huynh and Thai Nguyen

Dr. Duong P Huynh (57) tells Dr. Thai Van Nguyen (48) about growing up disabled in Vietnam and coming to the US.

Warren McKeen and Matthew Shapiro

One Small Step partners Warren McKeen (62) and Matthew Shapiro (31) discuss their work in disability justice and advocacy.

Having a brother with Autism.

In this interview, I asked questions of Nicolas Faucette. Nicolas is a younger sibling of CJ who has Autism. We are being to see his insight of what it is like to be a sibling of a child with special...

The truth about the foster care system from a disability standpoint

In and out of the foster care system her whole life Shay defeats the odds or beats the odds. In fact her goal is to make a difference from a disability standpoint in the foster care system

Injustices involving children who have a disability

Interview with mom of a five year old boy who had Cerebral Palsy and Cortical Blindness and the injustice against children who have disabilities.


Kim talks about her experiences with stereotypes around having a disability

Nancy Chappell and Lee Walters

Longtime friends Lee Walters (73) and Nancy Chappell (68) speak about their intertwined connection to Innisfree Village and reflect on the successes, relationships, and values that define their unique community.

Sam King and Christina King: Christina's Parents

Sam King interviews his mother, Christina, about her parents and her childhood. Christina's mother had kidney disease, and her father was born deaf. She shares how this affected her life, and what lessons she learned from her childhood. (Sorry for...

Disability and a mother

Nasiah had a disabled child this is her story of him

Stephanie Graham interviews Kathryn Poe: Life and The Big Choice

Kathryn is a student at Capital University. Even though she is 20, she has lived a full life ranging from being a college to having a super rare disease.

Joe Montalvo and Amy Weinstein

Amy Weinstein (64) interviews new friend Joe Montalvo (60) about his experience responding to the September 11th attacks as a construction worker and how his life changed since then, including his employment, health, and financial standing.

Interview with my Disabled Mom

I talk to my mom about her experience growing up after experiencing a stroke at birth.