Diversity in Comics

How Marvel has been taking initiative to add diversity into it's comics.

Michael Hooper and Sherman Smith

Michael Hooper (50) talks to his friend, Sherman Smith (32), about their experiences in Topeka and their reflections on the Brown vs. Board of Education decision.


We breifly discussed how diversity in the area where Janina lives has influenced her and her life.

The Education System
November 17, 2022 App Interview

Callie aged 18 and Kaia aged 19 talk about Kaia’s experiences with the education system as a high-school dropout and what can be improved in this system.

Minzamariam Makoye and Alecious Marie Togbah

Minzamariam talks about her experiences throughout United World College East Africa. The diverse environment of UWC helped open her eye to so many things in life. It also taught her how to respect people's beliefs, values, and cultures.

Education, Our Experiences, and Taking Action: Discussion with Zoha Siddiqui

Zoha Siddiqui, a sophomore at The College of William & Mary, discusses her experiences with school, inequity in education, and forming the non-profit, HER Education.

Phil Boss and Jen Guinea

Phil talks with Jen about his long career, and how his personal value of justice impacts all he does. They dicsuss racism, diversity, health equity and how he has grown over the years (and how Providence has grown).

Kyra Montagu and Benaree "Bennie" Wiley

Benaree "Bennie" Wiley (67) and Kyra Montagu (77) talk about their work focusing on diversity at the Boston Children's Museum.

Cultural Diversity

Hello! My name is Alyssa Maglione and I interviewed my mother Laurie Maglione. This was my first ever podcast/interview and I think it went pretty good! We discussed the cultural diversities between people in American and people in Lebanon

Patrick McCoy and Kelvin Page

Colleagues Patrick McCoy (41) and Kelvin Page (57) discuss the National Association of Negro Musicians' (NANM) Washington D.C. chapter started by Patrick, representation and diversity in classical music, and those who have influenced their connection to and experience with music.

Patti Palmer and Danny Bell

Danny Bell (73) talks to his friend Patti Palmer (61) about his life growing up in a Native American community in North Carolina. He shares the untold story of the American Indian and he talks about the importance of bringing...

Ikumi Crocoll, Reference Librarian – Interview

This is a discussion of reference librarian Ikumi Crocoll's experiences and opinions surrounding diversity as an early-career special collections librarian.

From France to America

Rafael is my friend from school who is 18 years old. He moved from France couple years ago and he shares with us his life

David Clayton and Britta Larson

David Clayton (61) has a conversation with his social worker and friend Britta Larson (36) about his experience coming into his own and memories of sharing his identity with his mother and most recently his siblings.

Interview with Lisa Fondren

Lisa and I talked about her move from Detroit to Knoxville when she was five, and her family in Sevierville on her father's side and her mother's family in Pennsylvania. We also talked about Appalachian stereotypes and not wanting to...

Digital Storytelling Interview

Interviewing Miqdaad Buriwhala about his youth development experiences.

“Wellesley prepared me to be fearless.”

Alexa Rice ’11 and her aunt Desiree Rogers ’81 reflect on how their Wellesley experience as women of color prepared them to be bold in every aspect of their life.

Rahsaan Harris and Trista Harris

Trista (36) interviews her colleague Rashaan (40) about his career in philanthropy, how he got started, and why he works in the field. They also talk about issues of diversity in the world of philanthropic work.

Racism Free For International Students

This is an audio project of our experiences with racism during the first year as international students in the U.S.


Connie Vera is a Waldorf alumna of Highland Hall and grew up in Southern California. She has a degree in Journalism and Public Relations and a Minor in Sociology. For more than 14 years, Connie worked with various PR agencies...

3rd Generation Jamaican in Britain

I interviewed my friend Neicia who I admire a lot because she is an extremely successful woman, and she has faced a lot of struggles to be where she is incluiding, discrimination from her own community. She once told me...