A Survivors Story

Interviewees name is Vivian Guzman, she is my sister and she is 25. We discussed how it was being in a domestic violent relationship, how she got out, and what her life is like now.

Mary Louzon and Rachel Berryman

One Small Step conversation partners Mary Louzon (64) and Rachel Berryman (41) discuss the challenges of family relationships when they are toxic and when politics divides them.

Nini’s Story

Nini, Connor's grandmother, tells about how she made it as a single mother of 3 and what it was like to witness a loved one marry into a bad relationship. 9 people and 1 bathroom? Yep, bc that happened.

Deborah Breland and John Breland

Spouses John "Richard" Breland (67) and Deborah Breland (65) have a conversation about how they met and the life they have built together.

Sheri Lockhart and Matthew Mclarty

One Small Step conversation partners Sheri Lockhart (61) and Matthew Mclarty (44) talk about Sheri’s history of moving around, Matthew’s experiences as a veteran, their views on prejudice, and abortion.

Tiffany Bolin Domestic Violence Interview

A story about a woman who didn’t know how strong she was until she had to be. A story of survival.

A Survivors Story

Interviewees name Vivian Guzman, she my sister and she is 25 years old. We discussed issues on being a domestic violence survivor and last remarks to those going through it.

Jessica Lasser and Marcia Roth

Jessica Lasser (42) interviews her mother, Marcia Roth (74), about her work advocating for women around issues of domestic violence and her experience as a working mom.

Going from Mantained to Making Money Moves

This is the story of how my 65 year grandmother came to the United States and was able to provide for her and her children.

Zena Ozeir and Jumana Salamey

Zena Ozeir (29) talks with her aunt Jumana Salamey (38) about her college experience, graduating law school, and moving back to her hometown of Dearborn after school. She shares memories of her political activism and talks about her current work...

Denny Garrett and Erin Dickey

D.W. Garrett (48) talks to facilitator Erin Dickey (25) about the abuse he suffered growing up at the hands of his father.

Elizabeth Anderson and Lisette Johnson

One Small Step conversation partners Lisette Johnson (65) and Elizabeth Anderson (53) have a conversation about underlining issues of racism and the issue of domestic violence.

Susan Haskell and Rachel Green

One Small step partners Susan Haskell (76) and Rachel Green (41) confide in each other about mental illness and abuse, relate over their political concerns, and note what they are grateful for.

Leticia Osorio’s personal life

in this interview, taken place in Los Angeles , CA. I talked Leticia Osorio (39), my role model and my mother , to discover what build up to what she is today. She talked about what events in her childhood...

Katelyn Jurney and Renee' Sites-Erwin

Friends and colleagues Katelyn Jurney (30) and Renee’ Sites-Erwin (48) share a conversation about advocating for people who are deaf and hard of hearing. They talk about the importance of both language and cultural access to public services and about...