Steve Wolcott Pro Media NMCA NMRA Part 2

I️ asked my dad about starting his own company and the difficulties and rewards that come with it.

Grandparents Bowles

Rebecca meeting grandma and grandpa Bowles. Learning about Marti's drag racing.

Mikaela Zubal interviews Dave Hochbein about his life on November 24, 2019.

Mikaela Zubal interviews Dave Hochbein on November 24, 2019 at his house in Sarver, Pennsylvania. Dave talks about many things like advice for a high schooler now, hobbies, and discusses many funny stories.

Steve Wolcott Pro Media NMCA NMRA Part 1

I asked about the difficulties of creating ones own buisness and what it took to thrive through the Great Recession

Be yourself. Have fun. Enjoy life. You only have one.

Suzy Beinecke (35) interviewed her dad Glenn Clement (69) for a school assignment. The real reward was learning about his life, hearing him laugh at his favorite memories, and learning what he has found most valuable gazing back and looking...

A story about a hard worker

My grandpa started working when he was thirteen, he never dated and he looked up to his dad. After his dad retired he bought Napa and worked very hard there for 42 years before he retired.