My Great-Grandmother’s Farewell
September 13, 2019 App Interview

My Great Grandmother’s Farewell My mom was born in Taiwan and both her parents worked, so her grandma raised her from birth till my mom and her parents immigrated to America when she was 3 years old. My mom went...

An interview with my mom

I interviewed my mom, Masako Homma, about her life using basic questions.

My Great Grandmas Life

Mackenzie Mares and her great grandmother have a discussion about her life. For example, her close relationship with her family.

Get to know my grandma!!!

This interview is a interview between me and my grandma. We talked about many enjoyable memories from her past and she shared some of her favorite things.

Grandma’s story

What we talked about is some important thing in my grandmas life

interview with my mom

I interviewed my mom and we talked about her childhood and things she remembered about her first love. We also talked about me and her favorite things or memories about me.

History Project

I interviewed my moms boyfriend because I knew he didn’t have an easy life growing up. I thought it would be interesting getting to know more about him.

Interview with Vincent

I interview my grandfather about his life, ranging from his childhood to his military service

Interview with Alex’s Mom

I asked each question required and she answered thouroughly and personally.

My mom

This interview was taken with my mom. Throughout the interview, I ask my mom questions about her favorite memories through her life. I learned some her favorite memories of me when I was little, her favorite memory with her brother...

Interview with Mom

Interview conducted describes life events from my mother, Maria Alonso.

Just Talking with My Dad

Logan practiced asking questions about his dad's early childhood memories and what makes him happy. This is a warm-up interview before interviewing grandparents.

My Grandma

How my grandma started in the early days.Also some important times.

A interview with my grandpa about his life

Patrick Martin Ryan(66) about his life how he grew up where he grew up how he met my wonderful grandmother. His wonderful jobs especially the one where he was a firefighter for 36 years. And how he remembers Apollo 11...

My Life as an Immigrant

Emily Felix the daughter of Ana Genao interviews her mother about her childhood memories and experiences from Dominican Republic.

FinalAudio_Gustavo Gradilla

We talked about my mom and how she came to the U.S. She also told me about her background and first impressions of when she came here.