History Project

I interviewed my moms boyfriend because I knew he didn’t have an easy life growing up. I thought it would be interesting getting to know more about him.

My Great-Grandmother’s Farewell
September 13, 2019 App Interview

My Great Grandmother’s Farewell My mom was born in Taiwan and both her parents worked, so her grandma raised her from birth till my mom and her parents immigrated to America when she was 3 years old. My mom went...

My Life as an Immigrant

Emily Felix the daughter of Ana Genao interviews her mother about her childhood memories and experiences from Dominican Republic.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In my interview of my Dad, I asked questions including his happiest memories as well as his most difficult memories and asked him about something he is grateful for. With this interview I was able to learn more about my...

Interview 11/28/21

This interview was with my Nana the oldest of my family members. We talked about childhood memories and stories from her childhood.

Thanksgiving Interview with Baba

I asked my grandmother numerous questions relating to her childhood and past life. I finally got to find out some of the information I always wondered about my mom and aunt.

My interview with my grandmother.

This interview was between me and my grandmother. The interview was done in Spanish, because my grandmother only speaks Spanish. I had my cousin there to help my translations of the questions. (that is why there was a sound of...

Abuela Mima

A conversation between a grandmother and granddaughter about memories and individuals we cherish in our lives.

Interview with Mom

Interview conducted describes life events from my mother, Maria Alonso.

Reminiscing, Remembering and Rejoicing

Aziza Abutouk a Brazilian and Maher Abutouk a Jordanian both parents living their childhood dream of coming to the United States sit down and answer 5 questions each about their past memories. In which they still hold on to today...

My Grandma

How my grandma started in the early days.Also some important times.

interview with my mom

I interviewed my mom and we talked about her childhood and things she remembered about her first love. We also talked about me and her favorite things or memories about me.

Practice Interview

I interview my younger brother on his life and happiest memories

Dawnette Burke

We spoke about fond memories of the beach and what we liked to enjoy about it.

Interview with Marlene Moctezuma

In this interview with my mother, Marlene Moctezuma, she talks about growing up in Mexico, different historical events, and her hopes for her and my family

Just Talking with My Dad

Logan practiced asking questions about his dad's early childhood memories and what makes him happy. This is a warm-up interview before interviewing grandparents.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

For my Thanksgiving listen, I decided to interview my father. We mainly covered what his childhood, work-life, and family life was like.

My mom

This interview was taken with my mom. Throughout the interview, I ask my mom questions about her favorite memories through her life. I learned some her favorite memories of me when I was little, her favorite memory with her brother...

APB- Alize Centeno’s Interview with Ivonne Gomez

In this interview I was able to learn more about my mom and her childhood as well as her future plans.

Grandma’s story

What we talked about is some important thing in my grandmas life