Growing up

My mom talks about her life growing up, teenage years, and becoming the person she is today


We talked about Merrys childhood growing up, her greatest memory and what she would liked to be remembered as.

Agapita Segura (Grandma)

I learned that I had an uncle who died around the age of 8 months

Korean Life from Grandma

Grandma interviewed about childhood, Korean Culture that she experienced, and her immigration story.

Kyle Choe and his mother Mira Choe talk about what it was like growing up back then in South Korea.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Williston Park, New York, Kyle Choe (16) interviews his mother Mira Choe (51) about her childhood in South Korea. Mrs. Choe shares stories about what it was like growing up during that...

My mom

I interview my mom about growing up, her career, marriage and relationships, her faith and how it shapes her,living with fibromyalgia, and some of the highlights of her life.

Catalina Griffiths and her nana Penny Chapel talk about growing up in Mission beach, California.

This interview took place in my bedroom, in clairemont San Diego, California, on November 18th 2018. I Catalina Griffiths, interviewed my nana Penny Chapel, who is 70 years old. We talked about a lot, and I learned many things about...

Interview with Alex’s Mom

I asked each question required and she answered thouroughly and personally.

Justices Grandparents and cousin

Justice, his grandparents and his cousin are surprised to hear things they’ve never known about their family members

The Life of Baltazar Rayo

Here are a few questions about my father, Baltazar Rayo who came from Mexico at 14 years old. I’m very proud of everything this man has done for me, and he is truly an inspiration to me and my brothers.

Interview With My Grandpa Herbert Prochnow

This interview is with my grandpa and I while we met during thanksgiving. We covered areas of his younger life, and I certainly learned a lot of things about him that I never knew!

The Eldest Sibling

An interview with my older sister about her experiences and advices in life so far. She talks about what she hopes her future will hold, as well as reflecting on how her past growing up has helped her grow.

Memories from My Grandpa’s Past

First I asked my grandfather about his childhood and his upbringing. He talked about the school systems back in Iran, as well as growing up in a family of six. When I asked him about some early memories of school,...

Great Thanksgiving Listen Mr. Norris Hillery

Brother Norris Hillery highlights his early life and interests. He also notes the importance of his religion, otherwise known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Great Grandma Her Memories

My great grandma tells me about her memories of her younger self, including some happy and sad ones. These are some of my favorite moments with her!

My Mama and Me

Interviewing my Mother. Asking her questions and learning about her history. UwU

Colleen Flood interviewing her mother, Marianne Flood, about her life as a child.

My mother and I discussed what her life was like growing up as a child. She told me about some of the opportunities she had and some of her favorite memories.