Interviewing My Mom

My mom talks about her early life and memories she has. She shares life experiences that make her who she is today.

Interview with Grandpa

I talked with my grandpa and asked many questions about his life. It was very interesting hearing stories I had never heard before.

A Mother, A DauDaughteA Sister, A Wife, A person just like you or me

The order of the topics itself was scattered but in short, early life as well as recent life was discussed as well as mistakes, achievements, and personal dialogue.

My Grandfather, Roland Partain
December 1, 2018 App Interview

We discussed my grandfathers early life, his family, his military service, and his hobby of hunting.

Story Corps Project

I interviewed my father about his early life before he met my mother. He told me of how he left communist Romania and ended up meeting my mother in the end.

interview with grandma about her childhood and race

ancestors and her early life, how her childhood was affected by race

The Great Thanksgiving Listen by Kaleigh Cole

An interview by Kaleigh Cole to her grandmother Charlotte Cole about her life

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My great-grandmother tells about her life, my great-grandfather, and important memories. When she heard this back, she commented on the marriage proposal and said, “I forgot to tell you, when he proposed, he kissed me too!”

Christmas Day Interview

This was the first Story Corps interview, and my grandmother was a bit nervous/uncertain of how to conduct herself, but as the interview progressed she was able to be more comfortable and really get into some interesting details about her...

The Living Legend, Jeremy Michael Miller

What life is like for Jeremy Miller and his wife Shannon De Roach

Growing up and Young life with Alex Gokey

In this interview I spoke to my boyfriend about his life growing up and how it effected his current life as a young adult.

Interview with Nora Maldonado. November 27,2017

We talked mostly about her early life and teen life and some of her marriage

Ella Schueller Interviews Mom Ann Schueller about her Life and Job

In this interview, conducted on April 26, 2020, I interviewed my mom, Ann Schueller who is 44 about her job and her life growing up. She explains how she got to where she is today with her job as a...

my life, your life

A short interview with my sister. Miranda is 21 years old, about five years older than I am. We talked about simple things, like my life and her early life. The questions I asked were broad, but she gave much...