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Brady Clayton interviews his grandma

In this interview (Nov. 29 2017) Brady Clayton interviews his grandma about her life. She shares some of her early life, favorite memories, when she came to the United States from China, and more.

My father growing up
December 5, 2017 App Interview

My father grew up in the 60s. He went through a journey from a child to an adult

Conversation with my dad about Cape Verde and moving to America

My dad immigrated to the United States from Cape Verde during his teens. I wanted to get his view on what his life was in Cape Verde compared to what it became once he moved here.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

This interview consisted of me interviewing my parents and asking them a series of questions about marriage, their early life, tips for voting and their views on politics.

Getting to know about my grandfathers early life experience
November 30, 2019 App Interview

I get to learn about the early life of my grandfather. I get to learn a small part of my grandfather’s military service. I learn about his early life influences. I also get to learn about his reason for joining...

You Folks Are Not Farmers

This interview is about my great grandmother’s family and life growing up on a farm.

Forever Partners

I am interviewing Sharon Sexter, who is my grandmother, about her life. I learn how Sharon started a successful candy shop with no prior experience. I learn where she was born and why she moved. I also learn about her...

Grandpa Joe Zavarelli and his Grandson Issac talk about life as a kid and growing up.

In this interview, recorded on November 22nd, 2017, recorded in Missoula, Montana, Grandpa Joe Zavarelli (62) and his Grandson Issac Zavarelli (15) discuss life as a child and life as a grandpa now.

Phillip the Great

This is an inside look to phillip. It goes into on inside jokes within Phillips family and some traditions within. He gives inside on their religion and how he plans to live life with those ideas within his family. He...

History Project Final

This is 10 main questions with some side questions in between.

The great thanksgiving listen

Today, I interviewed my Tia mayra, it’s thanksgiving day but there was an incident so I finished it on Monday, November 27.

Grandpa Hostory

We talked about my gradfathera life as a child

interview with my father

My dad gives an account of his upbringing. He tells what it was like growing up in a town in Mexico.

Mahala Earley’s Interview with Grandma

I decided to interview my Grandma, Mahala Earley. We talked about her early life as a child living in Pennsylvania. As well as some of her experiences moving to different states. We also talked about her family and her job....