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Dad nearly blows up his apartment building

Dad tells the story of the dumbest thing he’s ever done with a little bit of Mom’s commentary in the mix. In a three word summary: gasoline, fire, stupidity…

Road to Recovery in Post Earthquake Nepal

My sister, Shubhecchha Dhaurali, explains how she and I attempted to make an impact in the leadership skills of Nepali students. We traveled to 9 schools and met with the President of Nepal. Shubhecchha shares this experience with us and...

Janet talks with her Dad about his childhood and education in China

My father and I discuss his childhood in China- including his academic achievement, life after the devastating Tangshan earthquake of 1976, and his participation in the Tiananmen Square protests.

Nepal Earthquake Survivor

I am taking with an earthquake survivor. She is sharing her experience about how it is like to be an 8.0 magnitude earthquake survivor.

An Interview with Grandma Hitz

In this interview, conducted on November 24th, 2018 in Austin, Texas, Molly Snodgrass (17) interviews her grandma Donna Hitz (66) about her life. Grandma shares stories about the Great Alaskan Earthquake of 1964, and growing up in Alaska.