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Bennett Aaron Wilson – age 7.9

We discussed 1st grade, school, family, friends, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and the stay home requirements, and racism after George Floyd’s death by choking by the police.

Ice cold people

When I was about 10 immigration took my dad and put it put a lot of strain on my family and I. This was about 10 years ago and we recently got a letter a few months ago saying he...

Addicted to Starving

“This is just another story, it’s not a story about a weirdo”. On December 1, 2019, Lane Bynum interviewed her mother, Marti Noxon, about her struggles with eating disorders, and the process of turning her experiences into a movie. At...

Reclaiming What Was Always Mine, Part 1

An overall story of my 43 years of struggles with anorexia.

Lucy and Ella Fortini

Hi! My name is Lucy Fortini. Ella Fortini is my big sister. She’s 19 years old. She’s had struggles in her past that cause a life long consequence. She’s strong and inspiring in many different ways.